Sunday, 26 October 2014

#6MMRPC Update - and still nothing painted... (Skytrex and Peter Pig 15mm Stowage)

On Friday the bits I had been waiting on from Skytrex arrived. So on Saturday I took advantage of some quiet time to do a little work on the current batch.

Firstly, here's what the £10 CD SP1 pack from Skytrex looks like:

Compared to the £2.90 pack from Peter Pig:

The pictures show the quantity wise the Skytrex pack has a lot more bits - and a lot more bits for your £ (or €/$). Although the Peter Pig pack is for Shermans and has spare tracks and wheels/bogeys. The Skytrex CD SP1 pack has crates, Jerry Cans, bedding/canvas rolls of various sizes, camo netting rolls of various sizes and large and small barrels.

Skytrex also does a CD SP2 pack which is more aimed at Sherman stowage - containing bogeys, machine guns and spare tracks. The Skytrex CD SP1 pack is also excellent for helping detail normal vehicles and bases - I have a few plans for using those barrels on scenic bases.

So here we have the whole work in progress batch up to the point if needing primed and base coated.  The plastic Sherman Firefly also required putty to fill some of the gaps in the model.

I know it doesn't look much further on than the previous post, but the detailing takes me hours as I try to make each vehicle different and unique. I try and look at actual period examples and also make sure all the turrets can turn 360o and such. Things I would like are more crew personal items - helmets and the likes.

As I understand it the Plastic Soldier Company is working on a plastic 15mm British vehicle stowage pack - which I look forward to as the German mock ups look interesting:

I do like the look of their new 15mm 6 pounder A/T guns and Loyd Carriers. Especially as the Loyd Carriers have options for the canvas covers than no other manufacturers do in 15mm (pic is of the 20mm model).


  1. It's always fun to personalize. I'm finding I kind of suck at painting tanks lol. I'm hoping it's just the crappy sculpt on this StuG I'm working on, and the next batch will be better! Nice work mate.

  2. Those Loyds look great! I'll definitely have to take a look to see how accessible the Skytrex stowage kits are over here, so sick of my rubbish greenstuff stowage efforts.... :P


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