Friday, 17 October 2014

Peter Pig and Skytrex 15mm Medic model comparison

Hi Guys n Gals!

While I didn't think about it at the time, I think I may have accidentally expended one of of my #6MMRPC Joker card purchases on these guys!

I picked up a pack of Peter Pig 15mm WW2 Brit Medics. These were to go along with the ones I had purchased from Skytrex earlier this year. These will form part of my Battlegroup Overlord medical group. I also ordered some of the Peter Pig generic WW2 dead. These will be part of the Aid Post as well.

So - as per requests previously, I took some pictures of these models compared to each other and compared to a Battlefront FoW mini.

Skytrex stretcher bearer on the left, Battlefront mini in the middle, Peter Pig medic on the right.

Peter Pig Medic minis
The Peter Pig minis have some really nice sculpts. They also seem to be more in scale with the FoW mini and have some really nice poses. One in kneeling, applying first aid. One is standing, opening a bandage, one is moving with a pack under his arm and the other arm in the air.

In total the Peter Pig pack contained 8 mini's. My pack was broken down into 3 kneeling, 3 standing and 2 moving.

Peter Pig medics
The Skytrex pack came with 2 stretchers and 4 stretcher bearers. One mini giving a firemans lift to a injured soldier. It also included 4 injured soldiers in 4 different poses.

Skytrex Brit Medics and injured soldiers
The injured soldiers have some decent poses and should be useful as well.

Scale wise, the Skytrex models seem a little smaller (as you can see from the stretcher bearer in the first pic). However, I mixed and matched a little:
Peter Pig medic with Skytrex wounded soldier.
As part of the purchase, I also picked up some Generic WW2 Dead from Peter Pig:

These are decent - though I'm not sure about the guy that has been blasted in half...

I also (the actual reason for my order) got a couple of packs of Peter Pigs Sherman Stowage. These are nice, but not as good value as the Skytrex packs. The selection of items is a little bit limited, although the casts are nice.

And just as a little add on:


  1. The Skytrex figures do look a bit thinner than the others. The BF and Peter Pig ones are quite similar. Still, not everyone is the same size, and the variety of poses you get by mixing and matching is going to create a very cool collection.

  2. I think you cheated mightily on the pledge there. :P

    Love all the character of these sculpts. Need to look up the Skytrex catalog after seeing all these.


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