Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 Roundup

Slightly later with my roundup of last years work, mainly due to being away over the festive period. Christmas was spent at A's family's house near Middlesbrough, where I received exactly what I asked for from my xmas list model wise... only to find I made a mistake with my list and asked for the wrong type of tanks! D'oh!

So if anyone has any American M3a1 Stuart light tanks they would like to swap for British M3 Honey light tanks, let me know!

Anyway, New Year (or Ne'reday in my native Scots language) was also spent at A's parents. This was a cunning ploy on my behalf, as by that point I had purchased an engagement ring and planned a proposal just after New Year. Thankfully she accepted.

Model wise, I dug out all I have managed to paint this year (apologies for lighting and tablecloth!):

Not really a huge number of mini's! Some of them were quite technical - the picture includes the 3 Sherman I Hybrid conversions from Sherman II's, 2 Sherman Crabs with my own chain flails, Ambulance Half Track and modified Forged in Battle Bofors unit.

In the 'Work In Progress' pile:

These models either need touching up, finishing off or varnishing before highlights. Winter weather has prevented any varnishing. I do have permission to varnish indoors, but I felt my time was better spent finishing block painting models at the moment. 

In The 'Oh Sh*t, I've still got a mountain to climb' pile:

The infantry above were purchased from Cameron, along with 3 Universal Carriers. I say purchased, but I still owe the money and have not seen Cameron since. Cameron, if you read this, get in touch! They are painted in a different style than my normal infantry, so will need stripped and re-painted.

In this pile I have a lot of the items I need to finish my 6MMRPC painting chart (and some more on top of that). I still need some Sherman I's and Quad tractors to finish off everything on that chart. I also still need some more armoured cars to finish my recon list, which is a separate project.

So that's the roundup! Gaming wise, I got a couple of games in but not as many as I would like. One of the plans for 2015 (aside from planning for a wedding) is to start trying to acquire some scenery and a green mat/cloth for my kitchen table. I also intend to keep working on the 6MMRP Challenge and once that's done start alternating painting my WW2 models with some of my many, many, many Full Thrust models. Hopefully alongside getting some small regular games of Full Thrust as well.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my engagement post. Those kind responses are a great example of the hobby bringing people together. Those people (that means YOU!) who take the time to read and comment on my posts are one of the great motivators that keep me making my (all be it slow) progress.

Happy New Year!


  1. That's a lot of gear to get through this year for sure, but I am certain you'll do just fine mate. Just keep up the "No adding to the mountain" and you should do just fine. :)

    Keep up the splendid work Jamie.

  2. Good work for 2014. I like the look of them and especially like the basing you've done. Congrats on the engagement, and good luck for 2015!

    1. Thanks Spiro! The basing has been a bit of an evolution and a lot of my older models need re-vamping. But I am pleased with how it looks on the newer ones.

  3. Guess who's going to be a busy lad this year! Great quality work though, it's all looking very nice :-)


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