Thursday, 18 June 2015

6MMRPC Update: Full Thrust - plus Zulu Diorama pics

A little update on my first try at a uniform interpretation of my New Anglian Confederation fleet paint scheme.

This batch is 6 Destroyers and a Heavy Destroyer, the Light Cruiser is included as it was the prototype paint scheme. It's also acting as lead ship for the two squadrons...

I think after taking these pics I did tidy up the paint jobs a little to fix some smudges and the likes. I still need to varnish these and sort out the bases. Painting on the flight stands was a winner, and made the whole thing simpler.

Obviously the paint scheme needs to change with the size of the ship and this was the first test of that. I was a lot (lot!) more confident with the colours this time around and was able to follow the theme quite easily. Still concerned about the lack of shading or other 'advanced' techniques. Again, thoughts welcome! The size of these mini's mean I'm not sure the simplicity is too much of an issue, but I may just be a little biased!

On a totally unrelated note, Ivor over at Saturday Mornings had posted some very nice pictures of Zulu warriors he had finished. I mentioned that the other year I had been at the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh Regiment in Breacon. The Royal Welsh Regiment is the successor of the 24th Regiment of Foot - of Rorkes Drift fame.

This diorama was very impressive and made up of 28mm figures. Some of the pics are not the best, but hopefully give an impression of the scale and quality of the display!


  1. That IS amazing! Thanks for sharing! Love the photo the flag that flew over Rorke's Drift :)

  2. The ships look good. Nice progress on the challenge. The simple paint scheme means you could crank out a lot of them!

  3. A careful brown wash might help accentuate some more of the details. Just my 2 cents :-).

  4. Oh Dear God.

    I need to get back to Brecon.

  5. Damn, that's an impressive display setup!

    Those ships look great mate! Cameron's wash idea may well make them better.


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