Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Non space ship related progress!

So far this week, I have been trying to figure out a paint scheme for my Full Thrust NAC fleet. I decided today to try and make a little progress on my Flames of War/Battlegroup Overlord models.

I'm looking for a couple of quick hits, to get myself rolling with the #6MMRPC round 2, which started on Monday (not too late to join!). I decided to work on my MP jeep and figures plus my Ambulance jeep and crew.

These had been varnished recently, to tonight I gave them a quick highlight and matt varnish. Next up the decals for the jeeps and the bases. I'm aiming (at my slow pace) to get these done by the weekend.

Again, I've 'over' highlighted these guys. They don't look great close up, but look good enough at distance.

I've just noticed I forgot to highlight the stretcher's for the hood of the ambulance jeep. D'oh.


  1. You're not supposed to look at them close up. :) They're for tabletop play, so to be looked at from at least arm's length!

    (I think they look just fine mate.)

    1. Thanks Dai - the macro setting on the phone app I have is good for the close up shots, but shows off the roughness of my paint job. It's designed to look better on the table than close up! Honest!

      Decals and such still to go on, hopefully the jeeps will look better when that's all done and the ambulance is assembled.

  2. Dude you need to stop chopping your painting skills. They look great!


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