Sunday, 12 July 2015

6MMRPC: Full Thrust Progress

Another week away from home, this time with a weekend at A's parents rather than back to my own house. Still, a few days off this week because of my birthday so this will be a short week at work! I've managed to get my painting kit down for the weekend, so spent some time yesterday and today working on some ships. None of these are 100% finished yet - the Light Carrier especially.

So, first up some smaller escort craft.

Front row are the ships worked on this weekend.
Left to right - Scout, Lancer and Corvette
Left to Right - Frigate, Corvette, Lancer and Scout
Left to right - Corvette, Heavy Frigates, Frigate

So we have 2 x Heavy Frigates (FFH), 2 x Frigates (FF), 2 x Corvettes (CT), 2 x Lancers and 2 x Scout ships.

These guys were quite quick to paint once I had the scheme down. I think they fit in well with the Destroyers I painted previously. The smaller ships are great for small scale skirmish games or as close in escorts for bigger ships.

Then there is this big boy! My Light Carrier - currently the centre of the Battlegroup!

As I said, these are not quite finished. I've still a bit of detail work that's just not been possible at a kitchen table with normal lighting. I also need to revisit the wash idea and get the bases sorted.


  1. Progress is good! They are looking good. What are you planning with the bases?

    That light cruiser is an awkward looking shape.

    1. The bases I will just be spraying black and using a toothbrush to do star field effects on them - plus ID numbers for identification on the table. I had thought about keeping the bases individual to each ship. But with them being detachable it makes sense to just keep the bases generic.

  2. That's a nice looking carrier group you have there :)

    1. Well spotted Tamsin, autocorrect has changed carrier to cruiser I think!

  3. That Carrier looks sweet. Very cool design.

    Good to see lots of progress on these. Very Battlestar Galactica feel to this game.


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