Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Birthday and Yorkshire Air Museum

Yesterday was my birthday which meant I had a small haul of gifts - including 2 packs of Quad transports for my other battery of 25-pdrs, a copy of Fury on DVD, a notice that a copy of Frostgrave and pack of enchanter wizards has been ordered for me and a copy of the new Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett book 'Long Utopia'. I also got a voucher for Amazon which I have a few ideas on what to spend on. Plus some cash!


This is on top of getting to go see The Proclaimers live back in June. A proper spoilt me!


On top of all that, since it was my birthday I got to decide what we did for the day. As we were still down in North East England I asked if we could go to the Yorksire Air Museum. My better half A being such a good sport agreed, so off we trekked.


The museum was pretty impressive, spread over several buildings on the site of an old WW2 Bomber Command operational base. The control tower still stands, as do several of the huts and at least one hanger. Several aircraft are either sitting outside or in some of the hangers. I took a range of pics...

In addition to the various aircraft there was also a section on the main RAF Squadron operational from the base, 77 Squadron flying Stirlings (hence the Stirling in the Hanger). There was also a section for the two Free French Heavy Bomber squadrons that also used the airfield. A section for 609 Squadron (Spits then Typhoons) with lots of cool pictures of the Tiffies in action, including parts of one;
There was a section dedicated to the RAF Regiment, to the Air Gunners of the RAF, to various RAF airfield vehicles and one tank:
As well as some WW1 era aircraft, WW2 air weapons, the bomber war - which had this interesting display:
As well as some very nice models;
All in all a great day out. I had a look at some of the prints in the shop but decided against getting one. I've still to get a frame for my Welsh Sunderland one. For £8 for entry it was good value for money and I think A found it interesting as well. The Bomber war isn't something that's widely talked about. She was shocked that a squadron flying 20 aircraft could lose 86 aircraft through the course of the war - with over 800 aircrew deaths. The two French squadrons lost 50% of their crews while on operations from the base. A huge waste of the best and brightest for what I'm more and more coming to believe was a lot of wasted effort for 4 and a half years of the war...
Still, well worth a visit to this museum if your in the area.


  1. Well first off a huge belated happy birthday mate! Sounds like it was a great day spent with pleasant company at a venue made for WW2 Aircraft geeks like yourself. :P

    Those pictures are very nice. The local air museum display over here pales in comparison.

    1. Thanks Dai! She really does make an effort for me and I love her for that!


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