Saturday, 5 November 2016

Finished: 2nd Polish 24th Lancers Troop

Hi Folks,

Having finished the 3mm stuff the other week, I cracked back on with the 15mm Shermans I had been working on prior to the wedding.

I had decided to split the remaining tanks into troops in order to help make progress with them, dividing up the excess tanks between each batch. As a result, this batch of Shermans consists of 6 tanks - from left to right in the above picture:

2 Pułk Artylerii Motorowej:

Sherman V OP tank (OP tank for my future Polish Armoured Artillery)

24th Polish Lancers:

75mm Sherman V
Sherman Firefly
2 x 75mm Sherman V's


'Spare' M4A1 Sherman - no specific unit decals, but I figures I should paint the model up just in case.

So, starting with the Polish Lancers - these are the next 4 tanks in the Squadron. I took some artistic license with these, in that the pennant on the command tank is the pennant of the 2nd Squadron. However, as the Regiment only has 4 Squadrons (rather than the multiples the early war flags were designed for) I decided to use the pennants to mark different tank troops instead.

Another difference is the sandbagged tank. I tried to keep the Polish Shermans fairly similar in their stowage layout. The sandbags came about due to the 'rescue' nature of these tanks, coming from 2nd hand Open Fire Shermans. Some of these were badly put together or damaged, and the sandbags help cover up the damage or other issues.

Then I have the Sherman V 'OP' tank, for one of the 1st Polish Armoured Divisions artillery regiments - 2 Pułk Artylerii Motorowej. This tank, to represent the lack of a proper tank gun, has an older style gun mantlet. I also used an artillery officer with binoculars that I had 'spare' (following an accident which saw him stepped on and separated from his base). No stowage or anything fancy with this tank, although I gave it 3 radio aerials in order to help it stand out.

Pictured alongside the OP tank is a spare M4A1 Sherman (Sherman II) I had, which I painted up just in case. No specific unit markings on this tank, so it will either find a use or find another home at some point. I've another to do as well, which will be the same.

Having finished these guys, I've moved on to my Miniature Modelling Mayhem 'Novelty November' challenge. This will consist of a few more 'novelty' vehicles... a sneak peak follows!

Just some issues to resolve regarding centre of gravity... but a base on the tank might help with this as well.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bartek! Lots of practice at doing these now, still lots of room for improvement!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul - hope you guys are enjoying yourself!

  3. You certainly do a nice Sherman James :)

    1. Lots of practice Lee! I think I've used more Russian Uniform than any other colour!

  4. No Greater Ally. Nice group.

    1. Thats it! Trying to do them justice - they deserve nothing less.

  5. Per usual Mate, some really nice work here.

    That Churchill looks fab though! very cool to see some of the rarely featured (game-table-wise) of the Funnies.

    1. Thanks Dai - it's moved on a bit since that picture, now got a few more bits and bobs on it and a coat of primer. Also sorted the weight issue. More pics soon!


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