Monday, 21 November 2016

Finished! Churchill Fascine, Churchill SBG, Austin K2/Y Ambulance

Hi folks,

A tiny little bit still to do on these - mainly crew to add to the tanks and the steel paper to put on the underside of the bases. But other than that, I'm calling these three done!

I've a couple of blog posts to do specifically showing off the parts to each kit, but initially these are all 15mm models:

Churchill conversion kits from S&S Models and Churchill models from PSC
Austin K2/Y Ambulance from QRF

I've used mainly Vallejo paints on these, with a couple of different varnishes and my own 'magic wash'.

SBG Churchill

The SBG Churchill is magnetised in order to make both the bridge and the base removable. This allows the bridge to be deployed and the tank to be moved to a smaller size base.

This tank has been decalled up as a vehicle of 80th Assault Squadron, 5th Assault Regiment,  1st Assault Brigade Royal Engineers, 79th Armoured Division.

I also used a new basing technique on these following some feedback via Facebook. I applied two tracks of darker shorter static grass to the base and then applied the usual shade all over as normal. This (hopefully) makes it look like the grass has been crushed by a weight passing over it.

Really nice model and I'm really chuffed with it.

Churchill AVRE

This tank was built with a magnetised Fascine bundle, allowing it to be removed or to be carried on the tank. The front section used to hold the fascine is not removable, so the turret traverse is limited - but I think that this may be historically accurate anyway.

This tank has also been decalled up as a vehicle of 80th Assault Squadron, 5th Assault Regiment,  1st Assault Brigade Royal Engineers, 79th Armoured Division. 

Another lovely model - something different, that's for sure!

Austin K2/Y 'Katy' Ambulance

This heavy duty ambulance was used is various theatres but is most commonly known for the role it played in the film 'Ice Cold in Alex'.

My version is painted up for service in NWE. It's decalled up as an ambulance of 176 Field Ambulance, 51st Highland Division (assigned to support 154 Brigade). These are the same markings as my Ambulance Halftrack and Ambulance Jeep. Somewhere down the line is a first aid station...

The weathering powder, on the ambulance especially, looks far brighter than it does on the model. Must be the way it picks up the light, or something my Camera is doing?

So, that is most of my Novelty November Challenge complete, other than my Radio Truck. It is painted, just the basing still to do. I've been held up by a cunning plan to mount some figures on the base with it and make a little diorama. Still in the process of painting the figures, but should have them done in the next day or so.

Thanks for reading - and remember you can get regular updates on what I'm working on via my Facebook page.


  1. Very nice. I've got 2 Churchills in the queue, and I'm planning 1 crocodile and 1 funny with the spigot, the fascine carrier look is very appealing.

    1. Thanks Sean. I'm building quite a collection of Funnies! 6 Crocs, 2 'plain' AVRE, these guys, 2 Sherman Crabs... running out of things to try! Tho I need more Sherman Crabs.

  2. What a great job, love the Churchill AVRE!

    1. Thanks Phil! I never used to like the Churchills but they've grown on me the more I've painted.

  3. Great painting - very nice vehicles.

    1. Thanks Dannoc, I'm pleased with them. See something wrong every time I look at a picture tho!

  4. Damn Jamie, those are bloody brilliant. Very nicely done!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Hein - I've a D7 dozer to go with them, similar to the lovely one you painted the other month.... tho I think mine should have Highland Division RE decals rather than the 79th Armoured ones I used,

    2. Thanks. looking forward to see your painted bulldozer.
      About 3 years ago I also did a Churchill conversion. I converted 3 Churchill I to Churchill I OKE flamethrowers used at Dieppe.
      The built:
      WIP painted:
      I still have to finish these one day.

    3. Blogger seems to be having issues... my D7 can be found here:

      I'd seen your Churchills before, they look really smart. Great work on something so small!

  6. Excellent modelling skills James and the paintwork is inspiring. Do you spray varnish the tank models or brush? and what varnish do you use if I might ask? It's a lovely flat finish.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks! I use several varnishes, but 2 different matts. I'll post brands and stuff shortly!

  7. Thanks. My Dad was part of 176 Highland Field Ambulance throughout its WW2 participation in Nth Africa, Italy and NW Europe and would have driven an ambulance just like that one.

  8. Just had a thought after posting above, you say "It's decalled up as an ambulance of 176 Field Ambulance", do you have a photo or a link that gives further info?

    1. Hi Ian, I’ve a image taken from a period document which shows what the unit markings should be. No other pictures I’m afraid.


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