Saturday, 27 May 2017

WiP - 15mm British Infantry, Engineers and Medics

Hi folks,

A bit of a gap since my last update, but not for any reason other than not having anything really finished to show.

Since I finished my Rebel 10mm Cavalry I've been working on updating and adding to my available 15mm British infantry. The Battle for Noyers games showed me that I needed to have more infantry platoons available for games of that size. I've been slowly building up a stash of infantry figs over the last year or so, so the plan is to start adding a platoon here and there.

The plan had also been to take one of my original infantry platoons (which were some of the first FoW models I bought and painted) and update them with a highlight and new basing.

This part of the project came a bit undone. I decided to remove them from the bases, then that I would go for 4 men on a base rather than 5, then was unhappy because at some point after basing I had varnished them and static grass was stuck all over them.... The long and the short of all that is that the entire platoon went into the paint stripper last week and I will be painting them from scratch! They were some of the first 15mm models I had painted and I just would not have been happy with an update to them. The static grass issue was just a killer!

So as far as painted infantry platoons goes, I'm almost 1 up and 1 down score wise!

Here are the current batch - just one infantry team and the HQ to finish before the platoon is all done. 6 x 4 man teams (3 of the teams with Brens), 1 x 2 man PIAT and 1 x 2 man 2" Mortar, 1 x 3 man command team.

There is a poorly converted wire laying team included, for Battlegroup/scenario games. I've tried to put the Highland Division patch on the chaps arms as well, but no other markings. The sculpts are a mix of newer and older models.

Then I have 4 squads of engineers - I wanted some more mine clearing assets, again for larger scenario games. these will be a small detachment or Royal Engineers:

Another mix of older and newer models. Each strip will be one base worth. Forgot I would need an HQ for these!

And lastly, I have some medics, wounder and stretcher bearers I am updating - along with a couple of  bailed out tankers:

These are for Battlegroup/scenario FoW games as well. These guys just need the final details and varnishing.

So all of this lot should be based up shortly, and I'm going to move on to repainting the original guys. Hopefully this won't take long!


  1. Looking good already! I'm sure they'll look awesome once finished.

  2. Very nice especially the mine detectors.


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