Saturday, 11 November 2017


Hi folks,

Lots of these posts around, but just wanted to pop some words of my own down.

Remembrance is something that a lot of people do once a year, and something that most wargamers probably do a little more frequently.

My own efforts in the hobby have always focused on remembering and honouring my Grandfather, Trooper Percy Hurst, 144th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. But also the men he served with - those in the British, Polish, Canadian and other allied forces - both those that got home and those that did not. If the extend I go to with my collection seems a little extreme, it tends to be because I want to get things right. Because that's my way of paying tribute, and 'one Sherman is the same as another' is an insult to the men who died in those vehicles.

Every year that passes, I read more material, or re-read material I read when I was younger. My realisation (I don't think anyone who had not been there could truly understand) as to the depth of the hardship those men and women endured both in the war zones and at home for years later grows with each remembrance day. While those that were present get fewer and fewer.

But today I also spare a thought for those from other conflicts, ones which are perhaps not always at the forefront of our minds.

So I continue to remember them all, in my own way.

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