Saturday, 22 June 2019

Finished: 15mm German HMG42 teams

Hi folks,

Finishing up the German units which I had squeezed onto the paint desk for the Utah beach game, I've managed to finish my two platoons of German Tripod Mounted MG42's.

Completion of these two units bring my total number of German HMG teams up to 12...

To quote Wikipedia: "The MG 42 (shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42, or "machine gun 42") is a 7.92×57mm Mauser general-purpose machine gun designed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS during the second half of World War II. It was intended to replace the earlier MG 34, which was more expensive and took much longer to produce, but both weapons were produced until the end of World War II."

These models are a combination of two sets of Battlefront models. Some were from an older 'early war' set, while the others are from a later set. I replaced some of the figures on the right hand teams, as the third figures for them were pretty poor.

The left hand platoons, I have tried to go with a mix or regular uniform and splinter camo kit.

There is a reason for so many teams - honest! With the size of tables we play on and the nature of the games, we tend to use a lot of MG42 teams with Pak and infantry support (although we have had a farm complex defended by a full platoon). As such, four teams just aren't enough. Martin has painted quite a few, but I had also started these for my own collection.

With these guys off the table, I'm on to the Sherman Crabs - hopefully an update on these won't be too long!


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