Sunday, 7 February 2016

York Show - Loot!

Hi folks,

A trip over to York today for the York Wargames show (Vapnartak). I was just on my lonesome, but did get to meet up with Steve one of my Tabletop Commanders paint and chat friends, and Roy.

Being on my lonesome did have some advantages - like no one there to talk me out of doing silly things.

Such as buying two Battlefleet Gothic fleets.

The usual story, Bring and Buy, high price, lots of visits back to the stall and the price kept dropping. Eventually the Imperial fleet was down from £200 to £75. So I grabbed it. The Chaos fleet was from £200 to £100, but I wasn't happy paying that, so I made the chap an offer and got that for £85.

Ouch! But still a good reduction.

The Imperial fleet has:

1 Battleship (£70+(?) on ebay)
1 x Grand Cruiser (Rare ship - £50+)
6 x Cruisers (£60 ish)
2 Sword Frigates (£15?)
4 Cobra Destroyers (£20?)
6 Fighter stands (£30?)
9 Bomber stands (£40?)

While the Chaos fleet:


1 x Terminus Est (Rare Chaos special Battleship - £80?)
1 x Grand Cruiser (Rare ship - £50+)
8 x Cruisers (£80?)
5 x Infidel raiders (£40?)
3 x Idolater raiders (£20?)
6 x Bomber stands (£30?)
6 x fighter stands (£30?)

So with all that I'm pretty sure I could sell some of the ships on ebay and make my money back. They will go into my painting pile - hopefully GW won't release new models any time soon and make the whole thing a pointless and valueless purchase.

I also bought a 2nd hand pack of German late war WW2 infantry. 83 figures (so enough for two more platoons?) - £10. Another good buy.

The rest of my spending was on terrain.

These are 15mm earthworks that looked pretty smart. They need to be assembled and then some sort of filler used to fill the gap. But they will do for flames of war. 

More tufts!

More small hedges - these will be used for around the town I have now acquired. I had hoped to get some sort of Church at the show, but no luck. Maybe next month!

Two small hills. These are smaller than the ones I bought last year, and should be useful for breaking up lines of sight. 

Another set of smaller hills. These are smaller than the ones above. More like ridge lines and the likes. 

Some random bases to use as the bases for forests, once I get my trees sorted. 

Cobbled surfaces - to use around town. 

Bases for my trees and some neat little plaster of paris gardens. There will be used once I start basing up my houses and such - I thought they would look really smart in gardens and the likes. I also got a pack of 15mm haystacks from the same supplier (timecast, I think).

So yeah, a good show and a good haul! The show itself was very busy but easy to find and on several levels. I'll definitely try to get back and maybe get some of the Scottish guys down (once I have my own place to put them up). I did have my eye on a couple of books, but they can wait.


  1. Great purchases Jamie, the battle fleet gothic, has I been painted already? Looks like some cool kit. Nice to see you building on your accessories..

    1. Thanks Paul - yeah, it has been painted but I'm not sure my fleet colors yet and whether they will need redone.

  2. Jelly of the hills never mind the fleets. Drop me a line when you figure out what your getting rid of I may be interested. And thanks for the webpage on those hill packages maybe I can get myself some.

    1. They are nice, aren't they! Pretty solid as well - so far the majority of my scenery has come from them. I'm not sure the BFG will be going anywhere fast though ;)

  3. Hello Jamie, nice to meet up with you (and thank you for taking the photo).
    Those BFG models look cool. Its one of the GW specialist games I never got around to playing, but I've always thought they're the best spaceship models available (my opinion, at least). That's definitely something I'd play!
    I'll pull out my WW2 naval and put them into the 'to-paint' pile and then they'll be ready for future use if needed. Battle of the Denmark Strait only needs four (six with the heavy cruisers) so its no hardship to paint, nor transport.
    Cheers, Roy

    1. Thanks Roy, nice to meet you too. I've got more than enough ships for a game at some point, just need to dig out all the other bits and bobs!Might be a chance to play two very different 'naval' games at some point in the future then!

  4. I do like Mini Natur stuff - plenty of terrain goodies to play with there! Nice BFG haul - if you ever wanna sell that Vengeance Grand Cruiser fire me a flare!

    1. Thanks! I've no immediate plans but the Grand Cruisers that can be used as Imperial ships will be staying in the fleet. Not sure about the Chaos ship, but it is the only Battleship I have for them (the only other large ship is another Grand Cruiser).

  5. Ooooh, well done on the BFG.

    1. Thanks! I'm certainly pleased, been chasing down some Grand Cruisers for a long time. Just Imperial Transports to go and my wish list is almost complete!

  6. Great haul. Personally think your bonkers buying all those space ships when you could have bought tanks....

    Good to meet you, and we will need to arrange a game once im in my house.


  7. Solid haul. The bfg ships look nifty. Wish those terrain producers shipping costs weren't so silly, some really nice stuff on their sites.


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