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Battlefront September Releases

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Just doing a quick post to show off some of the stuff coming for Flames of War in September. This is all collated from per-order's in stores and info gathered from WWPD's recent podcast and Breakthrough Assaults coverage.

First up, the Bulge Companion:

Not really my cup of tea, apart from the inclusion of a certain British army list:

Pic care of Breakthrough Assault's Facebook page
As the image isn't too clear, the British lists are:

7th Armoured Division (not involved in the Bulge fight, but due an upgrade from Overlord) - Armoured Squadron, Motor Company, Rifle Company.
29th Armoured Brigade (those damn Guards again - the most overrated British unit gets another list) - Armoured Squadron and Motor Company
53rd Welsh Infantry Division - Rifle Company
51st Highland Division - Rifle Company (likely the same one as above)
6th Airborne Division (?) - Parachute Company and Airlanding Company

US lists include:

4th Armoured - Tank Company, Armoured Rifle Company
7th Armoured - Tank Company, Armoured Rifle Company
704th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Tank Destroyer Company
761st Tanks Battalion - Black Panthers - Light Tank Company and Tank Company
29th Infantry Division - later late war version - Rifle Company
28th Infantry Division - Rifle Company
99th Infantry Battalion - Rifle Company
291st Engineer Combat Battalion - Engineer Combat Company
14th Cavalry Group - Cavalry Recon and Cav Tank Company
101st Airborne Division ('guys from nuts')
2nd Ranger Battalion in Hurtgen Forest

German Lists include:

106. Panzerbrigade Feldhernhalle - FHH Panzer Co, FHH Panzersturm Co, FHH PanzerGren Co
111. Panzerbrigade Panzercompanie
111. Panzerbrigade Panzergrenadierkompanie
SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper
SS-Kampfgruppe Hansen - Motor PanzerGren Co
SS-Schnellgruppe Knittel - Recon lists (A/C's and Infantry)
150. Panzerbrigade Kampfgruppe
Fuhrerbegleit and Fuhrengrenadier brigade -
Volksgrenadier Divisions
5. Fallschimjagerdivision
Nordwind Panzergrenadierkompanie
Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie

WWPD had a great interview with a BF staff member who talked about what types of lists were included. He also mentioned that the two plastic kits coming out for the Bulge Compilation were German Puma's (making 4 different versions - as described on the podcast as making the Puma, 234/1, 234/3 and 234/4 ) and American M10's (M10's, M10C's, Jacksons).

Also coming in September are a series of limited edition boxed sets - one for each main nation.

German set priced at around £65.

British set priced around £60

Russian set prices at £60.

US set priced at £70.

Sorry for the image quality, these were pinched from retailers who have them up for pre-orders.

Hope this is useful - thanks to the guys at WWPD and Breakthrough Assault for the interviews and images (hope no one minds me collating stuff here).

Edit: The WWPD site has been updated with more info on the Bulge Compilation - including some better list descriptions and images from the books. Link is here.

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  1. Excited for the bulge but I wish the British 11th AD got a list, although it might be the same as market garden.


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