Sunday 10 June 2018

Finished: Command Panzer IV's and Flakpanzer 38t's

Hi folks,

Better progress with painting in the last week or so, with four tanks finished in this week. I've also managed to get the next two on the modelling table - a couple of Brummbars. I may also add my German radio truck, but will have to sort out figures to go around that.

These finished models are again for 12th SS Panzer Division.

First up, my two command tanks for my Panzer Companie. This time around, these are Battlefront models, which scale pretty well with the PSC ones. They do have slightly different hull shapes, but I am happy enough using these as my HQ vehicles. Again, some seafoam branches were applied - I've a new method of doing this, using gloss varnish instead of superglue, and matt varnishing before I put the leaves on. This sped the process up and seems to bond the branches well to the hulls.

These are numbered 704 and 705. 705 is actually the commander, while 704 is the 2ic.

To provide some cover from the dreaded Jabos, I've also got a couple of dinky little Battlefront Flakpanzer 38t's.

These are un-numbered, as I could find no decent info on what markings they should have. Online searches showed possibly the number 12 in use, but no context or confirmation that the vehicle shown was even 12th SS.

Gun crews received some greenstuff on their helmets, to make them the SS covered style. A small amount of stowage and some tree branches finishes them off. As usual, I also mixed up the uniforms, so they have a mix of Heer and various SS camo patterns.

Only the Brummbars, 3 Stugs, 5 Panthers, the radio truck and 3 Kubelwagons to do of the planned German stuff, so progress is being made!


  1. Excellent work! The Flakpamzers certainly are my favourites of this force so far. Quite exotic. Regarding the numerals I found several pictures of one numbered 13 so I guess it‘s from the same unit.

    1. Thanks! I've a horrible sinking feeling I'm going to end up down some other mobile AA for this unit some time in the future, as they had experimental quad 2cm guns mounted on Panzer IV hulls as well, apparently. I could find not specific info regarding the Flak-Pnz Kompanie attached to the armour units, other than the number of vehicles. In the end I went with foliage covering where the markings would have been anyway! There are a lot of kits that seem to come with the numbers 12 and 13, but no context other than a series of pictures.

  2. Very nice - like the camouflage.

  3. These look awesome great job on them both!

  4. Outstanding work. Really beautiful vehicles and i like how you camo the panzers! Looking forward to seeing them in action.

    1. Thanks Steven - I've been using a MIG Ammo book for my camo schemes (roughly, some of them are hard to replicate at 15mm with my skill level!) 'Waffen SS Colors'. Then just doing my normal edge highlights over the top and some simple weathering. Designed to look ok at a distance!


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