Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Finished!: 15mm Crusader AA, 15mm Quad Tractors, 15mm LCA Passengers (pt1)

Hi folks,

As I've continued with my AHPC entries, I thought I should get caught up here with what I've finished recently.

First up, a couple of Battlefront 15mm Crusader AA tanks for my Polish 24th Lancers:

These are the second pair of these I have painted, with my 144RAC squadron having a couple as well. As with my Lancers, I've made use of the yellow recognition panels on these chaps.

Next up, some 15mm Battlefront Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) - commonly known as 'Quads'. These are marked up as part of 128 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. This unit was one of the three 25 Pdr equipped artillery regiments of 51st Highland Division. The guns for these were done a while ago, so this is just me shaving the lead mountain and finishing off part of the unit.

And then lastly, half of the Canadian passenger figures for my LCA's. These were entered in the Saturday 'Fellowship' competition round, but as 'normal' figures I was painting anyway, I don't expect them to score highly.

I've the rest of these chaps for my other 3 LCA's to finish this week (onto the highlighting stage currently) and at the moment one vehicle to enter for next Tuesday, which will put me 20 or so points short of my target, with under two weeks to go! At this stage, I doubt I will get all the vehicles I had prepped done by the end of the challenge, but shouldn't have many left over.


  1. Really nice. Where did you get the Canadian crew for the landing craft?


    1. Cheers! I'm afraid they are just the standard LCA passengers from Battlefront, painted up with a more green brown uniform colour, rather than straight Vallejo English Uniform for British troops.


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