Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Finished!: Stuart V's and Bofors SP guns

Hi folks,

Having finished the challenge, I've been progressing at a more modest pace. Slowed slightly by the fact I have had three units on the go at the same time.

This weekend I made a bit of an effort to get some stuff finished, which ended up with my Stuarts done alone with most of a unit of SP Bofors guns for my Poles.

The Stuart's turned out to be a little bit of a hassle, mainly as they had been intended as recce Stuarts to finish my 24th Polish Lancers list. However, when it came do doing the decals I realised these are the wrong type of Stuarts, being V's rather than the VI's the Polish had. Main difference being the slightly different shaped hull, and the Polish tanks appear to have the triangular machine gun protection shield on the side of the turrets. Some hasty research revealed that the Sherman units of 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade used Stuart V's. As such, these chaps are my first Canadian tanks, aside from the swimming Shermans I completed during the challenge. They represent Stuarts from the HQ Squadron, 10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse). I figured everyone normally does the Sherbrookes, so I would pick something different. Tanks from this regiment also formed the right hand flank column to the 144RAC column during Operation Totalize.

Decals include CT War Department numbers, Brigade and Regiment markings and a single HQ Squadron diamond on the turret - the busyness of the turret doesn't allow space for both sides.

As per usual with my recce forces, I've got a commander in each turret, with the unit commander having two turret crew and twin aerials.

Finishing touches post pictures was to add some basic weathering in the form of dust and soot, as well as magnetising the turrets, something I had forgotten about previously. A cool looking little unit. These are 15mm Battlefront models.

I did make some efforts to ensure I had the Stuart VI's for my Poles, however all the models I had as missing the turret attachment. I've now got a trade deal with Dave to swap some resin tanks for PSC Plastics, which come with the turret option I need.

The other unit I was working on, another add on for my Poles, took the shape of most of a battery of Morris SP Bofors AA guns. I need to build and paint two more in order to make up the whole unit for these, but the models didn't arrive via Battlefront until the end of the challenge. When done, I will have a battery of these each for my Poles and Canadian Armoured forces - a quirk of a gift from a friend and then picking more up second hand in a large Ebay lot.

I've stuck to my usual basing style for these, and I think they look a lot more substantial with the base and crew figures rather than the unbased truck alone. I've not added a driver model, as I figure he wouldn't be sitting there while the gun was in operation.

These models are for '1 Pulk Artylerii Przeciwlotniczej', the AA regiment of 1st Polish Armoured Division. This is definitely one of those units that seemed like they would be much more effort to build and paint than they were, and they look really cool once done (at least, I think so!). Models are 15mm and from Battlefront.

Last unit of the trio to finish are some Morris Quad tractors, again for a 25 Pounder battery. Although I am slightly tempted to mark these up as 2nd Canadian Infantry Division Quads, and re-visit one of my gun batteries to update the uniform colour slights. Only because I have artillery for every other allied unit other than that one! I'll have a wee think before I progress.

Next up, I have a load of MDF trays to make for Really Useful Box storage, and a my next batch of models sitting awaiting assemble. These will be Sherman DD's and some Crab Flail Tanks - so I may take a quick go at something else before I start painting more tanks!

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