Friday, 15 August 2014

Humber LRC WiP

Quite quiet on the modelling front since my last little burst of activity. I have however managed to get the models I had been working on decaled and varnished.

Still got the bases to do for these two chaps - but a nice start. I've tried some dust effects on these guys using Tamiya Weathering Stick (Sand) to put some pigment along the areas that would generate dust and then a rough haired brush to blend the pigment into the model a bit. Comments on this welcome - I should perhaps have started with the mud effect and then done the dust on top. I was surprised how much of the pigment survived after the matt coat spray.

The Humber LRC's will make up part of one of my recce patrols. The plan is to have a bit of a mix of Humbers and Daimlers in the unit - the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry who supported the HD was unusual as it was not the 51st Highland Divisions actual recce regiment. This was 51st (Highland) Recce Regiment which was formed as part of the Recce Corps from 152, 153 and 154 Anti-Tank Companies in Feb 1941. During the fighting in the desert, despite giving a fantastic account of themselves (difficult to do when operating as a recce unit in the desert), the HD's own recce regiment was converted into a lorried infantry regiment.

The 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry joined the HD in January of 1944 and while not formally part of the Recce Corps they were honorary members. The regiment fought in Normandy used Humber armoured cars and Humber LRC scout cars, before switching to Daimler armoured cars and Daimler Dingos during the siege of Le Harv. One of very few regiments in NWE to be so equipped. 

Alongside these two are two 'support' models in the form of a couple of 15cwt trucks. One for my pioneer platoon and another 'spare'. Originally to be part of my arty HQ but I have now purchased some older trucks that are not on bases and am planning (or trying to plan) a mini diorama to match the other two (tea drinking Jocks and surrendering Jerries).

These two have still to be matt sprayed and have the bases completed. I may have gone a bit OTT with the black camo, but I was trying to follow period pictures. It seems the units landing in Normandy at the start of the campaign tended to have vehicles painted with this camo pattern, but later replacement vehicles just had the standard factory paint scheme.


  1. REALLY like the black camo on the lorries mate.

    Think the “dust” effect on the LRC’s could do with being a little toned down as I initially (Before I actually read the post) thought they had been hastily dry-brushed (Which was weird cos your other stuff obviously has none of that technique so obvious.).

  2. I'm still not sure of them myself tbh. But now I've Matt coated them I'm not sure there is too much I can do! I'll maybe try a Russian Uniform drybrush to dull it down. Or just leave them as is and accept I buggered that up!


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