Monday, 25 May 2015

15mm 15cwt Supply Truck Progress

With the start of the 6MMRPC coming up on the 1st of June I've been beavering away with prep work, getting many of the models I have been cleaning and prepping assembled and ready to start the challenge.

This has included drilling holes for aerials, attaching hatches and thinking about stowage.

However, I have also managed to spend a little time working on the supply truck I mentioned a few days ago.Just to mention, this was a second hand 'spare' vehicle I picked up at a flea market, so the paint job is not mine and will be replaced when the cargo is painted.

This has entailed searching about for the bits and bobs I wanted to try and include the the rear of the truck. This has included dipping into my collection of crates and jerry cans. I had tried to find a jerry can rack - which I am sure I had in my bits box. I'm not sure where I got them from but I was sure I had 2 and used one on my Sherman ARV mk1 conversion.

I ended up having a couple of shots at getting the cargo 'right'. One of them while working on the first draft of this post! I am aware that it was not normal for ammo and fuel to be carried in the same vehicle, but I am using artistic license...

This vehicle will primarily be for Battlegroup Overlord and as a little diorama piece for my army in general.

Anyway, here is the progress so far (please ignore the sausage fingers!:

 Not too much to do with this now conversion wise. The bars still have to be glued in place and there are a few areas where there is damage what I will need to try and green stuff. The wheels I am not too worried about as the basing should cover the damage there.

Next thing will be to try and decide whether when it goes on it's base it has some infantry figures around it. I do have some spare artillery figures holding small and large shells and perhaps one or two figures that could be places to they are shifting boxes - but that is a story for another post!


  1. I really like this mate. Wish my stowage collection was so varied.

    1. I mainly use Skytrex stuff with some bits thrown in from FoW and PSC sprues. I'm waiting for the PSC British stowage pack, I think the German one is already out.

  2. Very nice job, love the cargo...


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