Saturday, 16 May 2015

Battlefleet Calixis/Battlefleet Koronus (6MMRPC planning)

Tonight I took the time to dig out all my Battlefleet Gothic Imperial ships from the various boxes and stashes around the house.

Battlefleet Gothic (and Epic 40,000) were two of the Games Workshop games I was really (really, really) into as a teenager. I had a decent sized Imperial and Ork fleet for BFG and a massive Imperial Guard and Ultramarine army, as well as inherited Eldar and Ork armies, for Epic 40,000. All of these models I sold around 8 years ago.

A little while later Fantasy Flight Games brought out the Rogue Trader RPG which made me regret selling off my BFG models, so I started trying to buy bits and bobs back. Unfortunately I didn't get round to buying what I wanted from Specialist Games before GW discontinued the whole range. This has meant I've had to either rely on the very very seldom good buy from Ebay, or other sources such as donations from friends (in particular a true gentleman called Alex who gave me a large number of Cruisers as well as the two Battleships) and people being reasonable on various groups I am a member of.

Tonight was the first time I have gathered it all together. While there are still a few things missing I am pleased with what I have built up.

The entire fleet!
Some close up pics:

The escorts (and Space Marine contingent)
The two Battleships, some system ships and a lot of various cruisers.
The Light Cruisers - Dauntless with Lances, Torps and some soon to be rescued ex-Ork hulks.
Some of the converted cruisers provided from Alex - the one to the fore will be Macharius Scout Cruiser and the one to the rear I'm not sure about.
Cruisers and Battlecruisers!
Random hull (missing engines and wing - not sure what I will do with this) and random scratchbuild attempt (that may become a replenishment vessel).
Closeup of one of the Battleships - this a Apocalypse class but will be converted to a Emperor class Battlship (with Macro Cannons and two Launch Bays per side).
The Strike Cruiser - along with it's escorts these will be painted up not in my normal Ultramarine colours but in the colours of the Storm Wardens chapter.
These ships I picked up at Carronade last year. They had been converted into Ork ships, but the Imperial Navy not has them back! I may try and make some of them into Ad Mech light cruisers...
So the total is:

2 Battleships
15 Cruisers/Battlecruisers
1 Strike Cruiser
1 Rogue Trader Cruiser
4 converted Light Cruisers
7 Dauntless Light Cruisers
4 Firestorm Frigates
13 Sword Frigates
14 Cobra Destoyers
4 Hunter Destroyers
4 Nova Frigates
6 System defence ships

This is more or less all I could ever need in a fleet for playing the game. However part of the idea behind the collection is to represent ships in games of Rogue Trader. This means there are some ships I would still like. The Rogue Trader escorts, Transport ships, a Grand Cruiser... etc. I also might try and convert some of the Sword class ships into some of the other escorts mentioned in the Rogue Trader books. Maybe.

As far as the 6MMRPC goes, I will try and dip into this lot once or twice. A lot of these models need a bit of work, not to mention painting. No painting chart for these!


  1. Those are some super cool looking models!

    1. They are great models - I loved them from when I first saw them. I will never understand GW ending support like they did, especially when the demand for the models still seems so high!

  2. Jealous of that haul. working on my own BFG TAU and DE in the future but nothing on that scale of stuff.

    1. I was very lucky! If it hadn't been for the donation of the battleships and those cruisers it would probably have been a non-starter for me. I only really had to find escorts and light cruisers (the Dauntless is one of my favourite ships). Still a lot of work to do on these guys before they are anywhere near ready though!

  3. Nice looking collection that. The BFG stuff tends to paint up fairly quickly in my experience, and still look great. I, too, had and then sold my stuff. I haven't replenished it though.

  4. Never got to play BFG, but always loved the look of the models. Do them justice Jamie!


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