Sunday, 10 May 2015

Carronade Pics and Swag

Today myself, Davey, YD, Paul and Cameron took the trip up to Falkirk for the Carronade Show. As usual it was a big show and seemed very busy.

There were a lot of really cracking displays and games - I took pictures of some but not all of them. There were a lot of very nice games in progress. I stopped to talk to a few people about their games who were both very knowledgeable and very engaging.

Glasgow District Wargames - Spanish Civil war in 28mm using Bolt Action rules. Great looking game.

Glasgow District Wargames - Spanish Civil war in 28mm using Bolt Action rules. Great looking game.

Charlie don't surf - not sure who the group were but I had seen this display at the Stockton show I was at in October and it really is a great display. I'm not sure if there was a game in progress.

More 'Charlie don't surf' - 28mm Vietnam.

Love the surfers....

A very nice ACW game, also in 28mm. I'm not sure the group, but I think it was a Dumfries based club. Using the Fire and Fury rules (I think) it looked pretty fast paced and the guys were very friendly and knowledgeable - even putting up with questions from a non expert like myself.
A great looking table - as I understand it was also historically accurate. The Battle of New Market perhaps?

LRDG attacking a airfield somewhere in the desert - 20mm I think. Not sure of the rule set.

A HUGE table - Waterloo? in 15mm?

Close up of some of the Naps on the Waterloo table


There were a lot of really great tables that I didn't take a picture of - apologies to those groups running them, no slight was intended - I just kept forgetting to get my phone out to take pics!

So, onto swag. this year I didn't feel I had come away with as much as I did last year. I did manage to find one single stall that had a very very slim selection of FoW miniatures. The first pack I looked at was a Sherman I and I immediately found another.

So these two Sherman I's help fill in some of the missing spaces on my Armoured Squadron list. Technically, they mean I will be able to field a whole FoW list. However this shows that 144RAC (and armoured brigade units in general) had a Squadron HQ consisting of an ARV and 3 Sherman I's (SHQ, 2IC and a spare). I assume in FoW the 3rd Sherman would be a nuisance (it would muck up the 1IC and 2IC independent rules). So whether I get this final tank or not really comes down more to completeness than having the list for FoW.

Of course you, gentle reader, know that being the fool that I am the final tank being missing will bug the hell out of me... and I will end up buying it.

Next up came a purchase I am really pleased with. At one stall I spotted some Epic 40k and had a look but wasn't going down that particular rabbit hole. I got chatting to the chap and mentioned my interested in Battlefleet Gothic. 'Aha!' says he, and he hands me a load of boxed BFG ships - all very reasonably priced (including some cruisers, SM Strikecruisers, a Battleship and a couple of escorts). Then a chap further along the flea market stall starts shouting that those mini's were reserved, that he was in 'negotiations' for them and that the chap who I was talking to's brother - who was away from the stall. I offered to pay the prices on the boxes there and then, with no negotiation required. The annoying loudmouth continued to loudly protest and in the end the mini's got put back awaiting the brothers return. I checked back later, but no luck.

Anyway, that was a prelude. Thoroughly disappointed and annoyed I was standing near another flea market trader who was putting some nicely painted 28mm WW2 and 15mm Naps out on his table. I asked if he had any WW2 15mm Brits for sale. We got chatting and it looked like I was out of luck again. The I spotted in his bag (still to be put out for display) a box with 'BFG Imperial Fleet' on it! I asked if I could have a look, and while passing it to me the chap said he had another box as well. £40 later and I had both in my possession.

Now, that seems like a lot of money, but:

Specialist Games 'Rogue Trader' Cruiser - not a very common ship with a Ebay retail price of (I think) around £40

4 Cobra Destroyers (Ebay value £25 ish for 4), 2 imperial Cruisers (£20 for 2 on Ebay?), 3 Sword Frigates (£20 ish for 3?) and a Dauntless Light Cruiser (£20 ish on it's own?)

Very nice paint jobs, minimal damage. One cruiser unpainted and needing some lance turrets, and a couple of minor bits of chipped paint and broken aerials.

The fleet assembles!
So my £40 purchase was actually a really good value buy - and provided me with a mini I wanted (the Rogue Trader Cruiser) without having to pay Ebay prices for just one ship.

I've actually now amassed quite a large Imperial fleet for BFG/the Rogue Trader RPG. I'm missing a few ships I would like - mainly the RT Escorts, some transport ships, a Grand Cruiser or two, various uncommon Navy escorts... etc. Basically the dream would be to have models to make a coherent fleet but also allow me to represent most ships on the gaming table if I ever get the players to run a Rogue Trader RPG game. This also explains my recent purchases of Chaos, Ork, Eldar and Space Marine ships...

Other than these ships, I got a book on the 8th Airforce for £1 and literally as I was walking out somehow accidentally bartered someone down from £7 to £2.50 on a complete AD&D 2nd Edition Monsters compendium folder. And I mean complete - and accidentally! Cameron had been looking at it and the lady had asked for first £7 then £5 for it. He declined and we all turned to leave, I apologised and said I only had £2.50 left (I genuinely only had that amount left in my pocket), and the lady said I could have it for that then. What her husband thought about that when he returned, I don't know! Anyway, I paid and had a quick look. Got home and called my GM who I remember had mentioned years ago that his copy was incomplete. I took it round and he seemed very pleased, especially as it had Volume 1, 2 and 3 + the Faerun monsters appendix. All in great condition and in alphabetical order!

So a good show, although quantity wise my swag haul was rather less quantity wise, the quality is superb.

Thanks to Davey and YD for the lift and the company.


  1. Some really lovely looking games there, a good mix of periods on offer too. Sounds like the bring and buy worked out well for you in the end too, nice score!

  2. Awesome pics. It was obviously destiny to miss out on the first lot oh BFG ships! A good haul still

  3. You do not disappoint when it comes to upholding the Scottish people's pen-chance for being frugal in a deal my friend. ;)

    Regardless, what you got was a steal. All those BSG ships (!!!) (you have seen the trailer for the upcoming video game, right?) AND some tanks AND the AD&D required book - am impressed mate!

  4. O and would love to read how ACW Fire and Fury works at 28mm!? Have played it at 15mm and it was a blast.


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