Saturday, 23 May 2015

For Sale! 6mm Modern/Cold War Chinese

Pending a decision whether or not to put this stuff on Ebay I thought I would list it here.

I picked up a lot of 6mm modern models a few years back, but sold on all my British, German, Soviet and US stuff. I still have a big bag full of semi modern (70's/80's) Chinese AFV's.

These could probably be used for either Chinese or North Korean armies during this period (or potentially more 'modern' North Korean armies).

The models are all more or less unpainted and are, I think, probably Scotia Grendal models. There are a small number of what look like GHQ BMP's. The models are in an alright condition (lots of bent gun barrels). I've no pictures handy just now, but they can be provided if someone is interested.

The list below is my best guess at what these vehicles are. By and large I think the list is accurate, but there may be some errors.  I believe that using something like Modern Spearhead there is more than a Division worth of armour here - possibly a Armoured Division and a Mech division worth!

The infantry is in a particularly shoddy condition.


45 x Type 69/79 MBT's (Chinese upgraded T55's)

30 x Type 59 MBT's (Chinese T55's)

30 x Type 62 Light Tanks

15 x Type 63 Amphibious Tanks (Chinese PT76)


12 x Type 83 Self Propelled Artillery

6 x Type 54 Self Propelled Artillery

10 x Type 63 Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Artillery

6 x Type 70 Self Propelled Rocket Artillery

1 x UM72 Self Propelled Rocket Artillery

APC's + Misc

65 x Type 63 APC's

10 x BMP1's (GHQ Models?)

6 x Jeeps (with Recoilless Rifle)

15 x BTR-152 (6 wheeled APC)

1 x Large bag of 6mm infantry (not in great condition)


4 x MiG-21 (Chinese J-7)

4 x MiG-19 (Chinese J-6)

Total 251 Vehicles + Large number of infantry bases
8 Aircraft 

If you might be interested, leave a comment with your email address (I will see it to authorise for publishing, but won't publish it) and I will get back to you. I am open to reasonable offers - payment via paypal and buyer pays postage (which may be significant due to the weight of all the metal). I am UK based but will consider postage elsewhere if the buyer wants to pay the cost. 

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