Sunday, 17 May 2015

Side Project - 15mm 15cwt Supply Truck

I had planned to post a review of Colours of War - the Flames of War painting guide that came out recently. I'd even started a draft last night, but decided to go with my BFG post.

Alas, the guys over at Breakthrough Assault have posted a good review today so it seems silly put mine out at the same time! Oddly, the Breakthrough Assault post hasn't appeared on my blog roll though, I only spotted the article via a Facebook group.

Anyway, in preparation for the 2nd 6MMRPC I have been trying to build a few models every night from the pile I cleaned up recently. Last night I put together my M10C's and last Stuart III. I also began working on something I have been pottering about with for months.

This model was a 'spare' I acquired and had cut the base and the rear of the truck off. Which in itself was a lot of work. I then cut a few spare barrels I had in half - I've an idea for some jerry cans and some crates to fill up the space. Last night I grabbed some paperclips and with a bit of work managed to get them all into a similar shape.

I drilled some holes in the rear of the truck to hold the frame, and plan to glue these things in once the rest of the truck is detailed. I think it looked pretty smart (thought A thinks I am mad!).

The plan is to base it up on a bigger base than it came on (which should cover some of the damage on the wheels) and perhaps try to re-purpose some of the infantry figures I have to go with it. That's the plan, anyway!


  1. Looks very nice. What's the paint scheme from/for?

  2. Dai, it was just the paint scheme that the truck had when I picked it up at a flea market stall (at the Glasgow Wargames show 2 years ago). I assume it was an 8th army vehicle.

  3. The fact that you do conversions and scratchbuilding in 15mm that look as good as they do is very inspirational! Love the truck!

    1. Thanks - I always feel I'm a bit clumsy and they look a bit botched, but I take comfort in the fact the model is more or less individual. I just wish I could sculpt/use plasticard to the extent the some people seem to be able to! As an aside, this truck was supposed to be getting converted into an ambulance!


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