Sunday, 12 March 2017

AHPC Entry - 15mm Matadors

Hi folks,

Last weeks Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge entry from me was a final (for now) batch of wheeled vehicles. Having picked up the V4 FoW rules upgrade yesterday, I'm pleased to see that for Late War the transports are still available for units.

This batch consists of 8 x AEC Matador trucks - tractor units for my 5.5" guns. With the completion of these models, I'm finally finished with Gunuary..

For these models, I decided to go with a slightly different paint scheme than those used on Battlefronts website and most other painters collections. I've had enough of the 'mickey mouse' camo scheme, so went with a paint scheme I had seen on some re-enactors sites.

Again, I haven't yet finished all the decals - although printer paper and ink arrived this week.

I didn't manage to paint all I wanted for Gunuary - I still have 8 Quad tractors and 6 Morris AA tractors to paint at some point - however I'm done with trucks for now!

I should have pictures shortly of the whole Gunuary/AHPC effort! My target for the challenge had been to get 500 points. With these models, I have reached 556. I'm not sure if I will get much more done before the final entry deadline on Thursday - although I do have my 'Kurt geld' (entry fee) model to finish. I'm really pleased to have attained my target, as I started several weeks after the start date due to the house move, and 500 points seemed pretty unachievable!


  1. Look great. I like the windows in particular nicely done.

  2. Well done Jamie! That's a load of stuff painted in a short amount of time.

    Matadors look great. Think I'll go the same route when I eventually get round to painting my own.


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