Saturday, 4 March 2017

AHPC Entry - Moar Trucks!

Hi folks,

I'd like to be able to tell you I finished with the whole truck thing... sadly, this is not the case. However - barring one entry to the AHPC for next week, I am done with trucks for now.

Last week I managed to finish off the remaining artillery unit vehicles I had been working on, with another batch of mini dioramas.

For my Polish Sextons, I have two vehicles. A 'working party' has been detailed to change a tyre. One of them is proceeding with the job while his mates bunk off to try and find a local to trade some cigarettes for some 'vino' or 'oh effs'.

The full set up, everything painted since January for this unit:

Then we have the vehicles for my medium battery, the 79th (The Scottish Horse) Medium Regiment , Royal Artillery. I've not quite finished these totally, as no one makes the correct decals. Currently waiting on some printer ink and decal paper to arrive in order to try and make my own. Wish me luck!

The theme for these bases was 'moving day'. Whether the unit is arriving and unpacking, or unpacking before departure, I'll leave up to you - but I wanted to try and show that even through periods of the campaign were quite static, there was always some movement going on. The typical army 'hurry up and wait'.

For there I have the two trucks with some chaps carrying bits. We have a box and wire reel being carried on one base, while on the other the figure getting directions is carrying a backpack in his left hand. Maybe these are the signals guys getting ready to 'wire in' the command post.

Meanwhile, as a suitable replacement for a truck, I have used a large staff car (actually, a 4WD Heavy Utility vehicle) - after all, a Medium Regiments CO can't be getting shuttled around in a 15cwt truck, can he? An officer and sentry watch the goings on (the 'wait' part of the 'hurry up and wait').

And again, the full unit painted since January. 

The full unit with the guns I painted last Gunuary:

Speaking of Gunuary - I have not forgotten about it! It just seems to have stretched on a little bit. However, with the publishing of my challenge entry next week, I'll call it quits. It's been quite productive (as has the challenge in general, I have achieved my goal of 500 points) and I will repeat next year. I didn't get everything I wanted to do done - there are still 8 Quads and 6 Morris AA Tractors to paint. To be fair, the guns were all painted in the correct month, it was all the support gubbins that overshot!

But it's time to move onto something else, and the 10mm ACW project needs some progress made.

Anyone know how to paint Confederates?


  1. Great looking additions, love the position of the guys behind the trucks...and very impressive army!

  2. Lovely modelling work as usual James, a great addition to your collection.

    You mention 10mm Confederates..... I painted 6mm ACW armies on commission a few years back, you might find these blog posts and pics useful in nailing the general shades, a mix of browns and greys with some (captured) Yankee trousers produces a good overall impression I think?

    Hope they are of use to you James in establishing the basic shades, over a black primer you can use a fairly drybrush method, a 'magic wash' followed by 'pop' highlights when dry, that's how these were done :) Vallejo 'Flat Earth' actually makes a convincing base 'homespun' brown that takes highlights well.

    1. Thanks Lee! I've a selection of browns and greys for my WW2 stuff, but I tend to need a strong steer with actual colour names to get me on the right lines. I've definitely got flat earth!

  3. Makes a retired Gunner smile...

    1. That, and huge pie templates in games, is what it's all about! Ever since I read 'The Guns of War' I've wanted to do these chaps proud!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul! Just wish I could really move on with my face painting skills!

  5. Nice James, the brighter highlights you talked about look good to me.

  6. Very impressive trucks, using your site as a reference it's good to see what you did before starting some CMPs of my own

    1. Thanks Des, you got the PSC ones? I fancied some of their Canadian Quads...


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