Friday, 29 September 2017

State of the collection 2017 - 3mm Team Yankee

Hi folks,

I'm finally done with my collection posts for this year I think, rounding off with my 3mm Moderns which I am using for Team Yankee.

This post took a little longer to compile than the others mainly due to some technical difficulties. The storage on my Ipad is too low for the Imovie app to work, and as of the 20th of September the video editor in YouTube stopped. I've had to jump through various hoops to get my clips together.

This collection is made up of Oddzail Osmy 3mm vehicles and infantry, with some 1/600th Tumbling Dice aircraft and helicopters.

Again, I've some still pictures for those who don't have the time or inclination to interpret my accent...

4 Companies of T72's at the fore, with 'Carnations' and 'Hail' SP arty at the rear. 

My only painted Soviet infantry company, with 3 Companies of BMP (2 x BMP1, 1 x BMP2)

Hinds and Su25's, Recce BMP's on the left with a better view of the BMP companies. 

A zoomed in view of Soviet AA and SAM assets. Shilka's and Gophers

Soviet arty units - Carnations and Hail

Hinds and Su25's, with BMP1 and BMP2 Recce

US colllection - Tank and Infantry companies with arty, Air, AA and AAA support. 

The Soviet horde

Still to do - Brits! - Chieftans, FV432's, arty, AA, etc. Only missing Heli's. 

A difference is scale... on the left the newer style Osmy 3mm M113's (actually an M163 SP Vulcan), on the right the older (and smaller) style M113's (actually M901 SP TOW). 

My aim for this year is to actually start playing with these models, testing out the rules and generally getting them out the box more frequently. At roughly £3 for 15 models, it doesn't take much to invest in this as an army - certainly a scale I will be taking an interest in going forward!


  1. You could also play Cold War Commander with these.

    1. Possibly Simon - not rules I’m familiar with but I think they might be a bit generic for me? I like detail about weapon types and stuff and my knowledge of that series of rules doesn’t make me think that exists!

    2. You would be surprised how much variation you can get , Cold War Commanders scenarios give Soviet players some great Battles and fit their tactical thinking. Very impressive forces

  2. Nice looking collection 😀 Which rules are you planning on using ? Just team Yankee

    1. Just Team Yankee for now Matt. Still to to get some games in but I’d consider other rules as well. The FoW system just has the right balance of detail and fast play for me!


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