Monday, 7 July 2014

Forged in Battle 40mm Bofors WiP

I blogged on Friday night about the issues I was having with getting these measly 4 models painted - having hit something of a wall with regards to my painting progress.

These are just not models I am enjoying - although I have to say they are looking a lot better now than when they were bare metal. However, they did not add my my love of them when applying the army painter quickshade out in the garden, one of them fell off the stick I had it glued to, bounced on the tray and sent the head of one of the gunners into the gravel on the path...!

Having butchered a spare Bren gunner from a Universal Carrier to obtain a new head, I repaired the model and did a quick highlight to them tonight.

Not 100% done yet - still to make the faces look decent, apply soot to the guns, get them mounted on bases (I made up 4 bases, then realised they need to be large ones rather than the medium ones I had done - d'oh!) and sort out the final highlights. But getting there.

17 pounder ammo crates and the wheel sections for the Bofors guns.

The current bane of my existence. These may be on sale painted and based - Price would be two packs of Battlefront Bofors! Note the guy on the far left with the new head - needing a wash and varnish.

Still needing final highlights and matt varnish!


  1. Ye gads, they look fiddly! Nearly there :-)

  2. They look good. Push through. They are almost done! I have so many models in similar states. I get them 80% done then don't want to finish some part of them. Maybe try to do them 2 at a time or something so it isn't so daunting.

  3. You're doing great! These will look good once done and you've only got a bit more to do. Headswap is well meshed with the rest of them.

  4. Thanks very much guys - progress is still slow but ongoing! Hopefully the damn things will be done and dusted just shortly!


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