Saturday, 23 January 2016

Gunuary Update - Week 3 (or - 'what the hell happened to Week 2'!)

Hi Folks,

As the title suggests a blog entry for week 2 fell by the wayside a little bit. By the time I thought about getting round to doing one it was almost week 3. So I've combined the two weeks into one awesome update (ha!).

Work has been continuing on the Gunuary theme, with the guns assembled and blocked in last week. This week has been dedicated to washing and highlighting (and the New Homeworld: Desert of Kharak game, which may have been a mistake to buy while I still have painting to do). As usual the various Tabletop Commander Paint and Chat video conferences have helped me greatly in keeping focus and giving me fellow gamers to talk to while I bashed on with painting.

All guns are now up to the point that they need a varnish and then the crew added and basing completed. With one week to go, still no sign of the November order from Battlefront so I can only finish what I have. The Auster AOP has a base coat of Russian Uniform - but I am missing a colour for it which I will hopefully pick up tomorrow.

Anyway, onto some pictures. A few from week 2:

And then some more recent pics from tonight (week 3):

So the Auster and 4 more ammo limbers to finish, varnish and basing for all the guns, crews added and then updating the basing on some of my older units.

Hopefully the outstanding stuff arrives soon and I can get these units all finished off (although this means more infantry to paint with the adding of another artillery HQ unit).

Thanks again to all the guys on the Paint and Chat for keeping me amused and focused. There has been some great laughs and interesting chats. I'd recommend anyone who hasn't tried to join one and see what it's all about.


  1. Very nice! Every British force needs a battery of 25 pounders. Your high lighting looks good. I am not as sold on the newer Battlefront bases so I will be interested on how you like them.

    1. Thanks! I'm not overly keen on the resin bases. They make the guns look dug in to me, which is a separate order. But the pack has the turntable moulded on, and I accidentally ended up with 8 guns due to buying some to match my other 4... So now have 8 on normal bases and 4 on resin... They look ok I think, but took longer to paint.

  2. Great to see all that kit complete. Hope the crew fly through the production queue as well. Are you going to have a double set of 25 pounders? Been a victim of that a few times.....

    1. Thanks Dave - I'm up to 12 X 25 pounders now... Almost totally by accident and I don't see me ever fielding all those guns. Getting the boxed set actually caused me more problems than anything else!

  3. Very impressive work! The guns are perfect, and so is the basing - the mud effect is amazing, looks real! Cheers!

  4. Solid work Jamie. I started work on my own big guns but it's stalled horribly as I just can't see me painting up all those infantry crew figures! Good luck with your own I hope that order from New Zealand arrives soon.


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