Sunday, 31 January 2016

Gunuary - Week 4 - Guns DONE!

Hi folks,

Week 4 and the last week of my themed month. This past week has been focused on getting the guns finished. I'm glad to say that the guns are all done and I spent some time today getting the Auster ready to finish and sorting out what bases I need to sort for spotters and command, etc.

This work today has revealed some gaps in my line up - with me being short a jeep and three trucks to fill out the staff HQ transport of my 3rd 25 pdr battery and my command and staff HQ of my 5.5" gun battery.

I ended up unpacking all my guns and sorting them into units. This resulted in a long list of things I need to do as follow up for the themed month. Including highlights on my original battery, updating basing, adding aerials, etc.

Anyway, back to this weeks work. First up the last 2 guns of my Bofors 40mm Light Anti Aircraft Platoon. These guys are part of 40th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery. This battery is now done other than transport being required for the guns.

Some odd bits of static grass sitting on them, but otherwise happy with them.

Next up I finished off the supply vehicle for my Battlegroup Overlord rules. Also useful as scenery in Flames of War. This is a truck of C Squadron Admin Troop, 144RAC. There is one slightly converted tank crewman on the base along with an officer from an unknown source. He came in a bag of gun crew I purchased on ebay.

Then we have 8 x 25 Pounders of 128th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. These four are on standard bases and will form one battery. I have the transport for this unit still to finish along with some of the command and OP figures being based and updated.

Then the other 4 guns, which are on Battlefront Resin bases.

I hadn't been too keen on the resin bases, but seeing them painted up and based to the same standard as the rest of my figures they are quire smart. Again, a little bit of static grass still sitting on the models, but that should just blow or be brushed off. You can see from the more zoomed out pics that the painting style looks better at a little bit of a distance.

Then we have the two 5.5" guns from a currently unknown Medium Regiment. This will be from one of the AGRAs that supported the Totalize offensive.

I'll worry more about what unit these two are from when (if) my November order from Battlefront ever arrives as it contains the transport and command vehicles for these guys. Decals will be an issue, as no one makes 15mm AGRA decals...

Then the jeep transport for my AA Battery commander. 

Nothing special with this one, but I decided to put the roof on, just for a change.

I'll hopefully get the Auster done tonight and then on to looking at basing the various infantry teams I need for command and OP teams. After that, I'll move on to updating the painting and basing on the original battery. I managed to get one gun and crew updated and they look a lot better, so the others will get the same treatment.

So that's Gunuary done, but with some more stuff added to the shopping list and more work to be done on models I had finished (years ago now!). Thankfully the bulk of my outstanding guns are done. I'm quite pleased with my progress, although I still have a lot to do.


  1. Great job, liking the basing too.


    1. Thanks Steve, the basing side of things doesn't take too much extra effort and is well worth it.

  2. Replies
    1. Slightly more 25 pounders than I planned to have! A result of my idiotic purchasing and need for perfection. I had actually planned to sell off the guns on the resin bases, but ended up painting them. Resulting in me needing more vehicles for their transport, etc.

  3. Great work there on those guns and crews, the basing style really helps to lift them too.

    1. Thanks Lee, I find the green on the bases helps brighten the whole thing up, and the flowers add a splash of colour thats otherwise missing.

  4. Those all look great - and who said it was Napoleonic's that had the Grand Battery!

    1. Thanks Roy - if there was one thing the brits had in 1944 it was artillery support!

  5. These guns look splendid, excellent job on the bases...

  6. Corking result Jamie! Man, you've been quite the painting machine of late.

    I know you aren't a fan, but those resin bases turned out quite nice indeed.

    1. It's the painting chats Dai, they have kept me really focused.


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