Saturday, 23 February 2019

Finished!: Morris CDSW Bofors Tractors

Hi folks,

Following up from these being posted on the AHPC blog on Tuesday, I thought I'd had better show these off here as well.

With the guns I'd finished a while ago (as can be told by the faded static grass), these trucks fill out my Anti-Aircraft Battery from the 40th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.

I painted six in total, and they were pretty reasonable to do. I do like the mix of khaki and green. Again, I decided not to go with the mickey mouse style camo, and go with something a bit plainer.

When I took the first batch of pictures of these for the challenge, I noticed I had used the wrong decals - somehow I'd picked up a British Armoured Division support sheet, and had marked the vehicles up with the AoS number for that (73 on blue over red), rather than the infantry divisions 47 on blue over red. I quickly corrected this, but still need to weather that decal.

Not too sure how much use these will see on the battlefield, but the completionist in me is happy that the full unit is now painted.

I'd also point out providing the transport for these guns is pretty expensive. I'm not sure Battlefront currently has these Morris trucks on their site (following a bit of a cull on what they are offering following the recent sale), but these kits were selling for £14 for a pack of two. Making these six trucks (at £42 for the unit) one of the most expensive units in the army when you take into account the cost of the guns. Suffice to say, I didn't pay that full amount, although it was still costly for something that might only see the table once in a blue moon.

Still, one more little part of the project done!


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