Sunday, 19 May 2019

Partisan 2019

Hi folks,

Myself, Dave, Martin and Scottie took a morning drive down to Newark today from sunny Teeside. Our first time at the show not running a game.

A few hours of doing laps of the hall, not finding much to spend money on and checking out the games was had, before we came home.

My own loot for the show was negligible, with some 15mm sci-fi troops and a rulebook being all that I could find. As far as 15mm WW2 offerings went it was pretty slim pickings, as usual.

I did take some pictures of the demo games (none of the participation games, I'm afraid).


  1. Thanks for sharing James some lovely looking games on display🙂

  2. Nice pics... we did Stalingrad factory recently , some pics are on our blow if ww2 28mm is your thing. Glasgow warhog blog

  3. Great set of pics James :)

  4. Lots of great pics, thanks! It would have been even better to know what some of those battles were though. A few of them I had no clue.


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