Friday 24 November 2023

Finished: 15mm CMP Quads

Hi folks,

As I mentioned in my last post, I did a little re-jigging of some of my units. Part of that process was the building and painting of four PSC CMP Quads, taken from the 25-pdr PSC kit. 

These quads were marked up as vehicles from 61st Anti-Tank Regiment, 51st Highland Division, replacing the halftracks which had been used for this unit previously. The halftracks will feature in a future blog article. 

While I was happy with how these models looked, it took some serious messing to put them together. Yet another example of a PSC kit not fitting correctly together. The roof just would not go on, and needed to be carved and filed on the inside to sit even close to correctly. 

I added a selection of stowage, just to individualise the models a little. Decals were my usual selection, though I've now used all my Doms Decals 51st HD markings, so I'm using some from Skytrex. The markings are somewhat covered by the weathering anyway, although they are a bit easier to see with the eye than the camera. 

These should probably have had the mickey mouse camo pattern on them, but I went with my plain green as it fits in better (and I didn't want to spend a lot of time working on transport vehicles that will barely see the table!).

Kitted out with limbered guns and the ammo trailers:

So another little scheme completed - one I'd been planning for a long time, having picked up the PSC box years ago. I do have a partial plan to mount and paint the PSC 25-pdrs in a limbered style, to be tagged onto the back of some BF quads... and maybe some Bofors guns... 


  1. A very nice result James! Pity that they were difficult to put together.

    1. Thanks Ben - frustrating more than anything. My experience with PSC so far has been that issues and complexity with the kit are not worth the small saving in money over BF stuff.

  2. Looking great! Excellent job on these kits they look like they have had a summer of campaigning. I haven't been blogging for ages

    1. Thanks Des, nice to see you still around! Hope all is well.


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