Tuesday 5 December 2023

Finished?!: 15mm M5 Halftracks - again

Hi folks,

Another outcome from my recent reshuffle of transport vehicles for the 17-pdrs was a re-working of the previous halftracks into a new unit. 

I have two planned units which would use M5 halftracks as transport vehicles. After a bit of a think I decided to re-do the 5 halftracks as part of The Lake Superior Regiment (of 4th Canadian Armoured Division). 

These 5 vehicles include four plastic PSC models and one resin and metal BF kit. In the images, you can tell which is which by the crew members - the Battlefront kit has pairs of soldiers. 

Previously, they looked like this:

The Battlefront model, in it's initial scheme of a Pioneer vehicle

The PSC models, in their initial A/T regiment markings

So these have now been re-based and given some weathering to decals and hull. I've added some tactical markings in green, and the appropriate divisional and AoS markings. A full company of these would have 12 halftracks and some command vehicles (possible M3 scout cars). 

It shouldn't take much to finish off the unit... but a project for another day. 


  1. Looking good. Did you consider removing the bogus (for WW2) side extension from the MG pulpit on the PSC models? I see the Battlefront model does not have this error.

    1. Thanks Dave - I didn't know there were issues with this particular PSC kit! I'll need to look into it and make a decision on what to do. Thank!

    2. I think it's a case of follow the leader. The Tamiya 1/35 scale model has it but is correctly identified as an M3A2 (no WW2 service). For some reason (laziness?) Academy incorporated it into their M3A1, and then along came PSC...


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