Saturday 3 February 2024

Finished: Polish 15mm A30 Challengers

Hey folks,

While working on the Sherman DDs, I was held up on spraying them due to poor weather. I decided to try and remain productive by moving on to another 'odd and sod' unit in the queue. 

I'd picked up a box of the new plastic A30 Challenger kits a while ago, with the intent of adding them to my Polish Cromwell tanks (representing vehicles from C Squadron, 10 Pulk Strzelcow Konnych (10th Mounted Rifle Regiment), 1st Polish Armoured Division around the 8th August 1944). This unit didn't have Challenger tanks at this time, but did acquire them later into the campaign. 

I was keen to have the option of including these tanks for games set outside Normandy, or for battles using other units Cromwells in Normandy. 

This thinking did impact on my decisions for stowage. My Cromwells are fairly light on stowage, as the Poles went into Normandy pretty neat and tidy. So I've gone for a mix, with one of the Challengers pretty 'clean', while one is covered in track links and other bits, and the others somewhere in between. 

Decal wise, I stuck with the same ones used on my Cromwells - unfortunately using up the last of my Polish divisional markings. With no more Doms Decals available, I'm not on the hunt for appropriate replacements. 

As with the DD tanks, I did make some effort to match these tanks in with the Cromwells. 

Another little job done!

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