Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday research

Like most geeks, nothing gets me going on a Sunday morning like sleeping late and reading in bed.

Well ok, a few things, but lets not go into those...

This morning I was faffing about on Google on my phone, and came across this chap on Scribd. He has a uploaded a huge number of Concord books. This set me to looking, and I found this chap who has a whole load of osprey books up on the same site. There are a lot of WW2 reference books scattered about on there.

Now - I will add that I have no idea of the legality of uploading books to Scribd. I suspect that it's not something people should be doing. Or the legality of looking at web content that someone else has uploaded. Or generally even the legality of writing blogs.

However, there were some nice books with nice pictures there - worth a look!

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