Monday, 20 May 2013

Almost there...

Having had Friday off and my son staying over Saturday till today, tonight's the first night I've had to continue work on my 4 x 17 pdrs and 4 x defrocked priests. 

Work on the 17 pdrs was delayed due to me being unhappy with how one of them was sitting. The gun shield seemed squint and one of the legs was wobbly. I ended up taking the whole thing apart, cleaning up the joints and rebuilding. I've now got the 4 guns to a point they are ready for a coat of quickshade dark tone. 

The defrocked priests are also nearly there, with only a few little bits to finish. Mainly the back of the crewman inside, the metallics and a few other little bits. The tracks where time consuming to paint, and as the running gear is the same as the Sherman the small bogey wheels got a black lining as well (they were rubber lined). 

Still no sign of the last pack of these models. That's Waugh Games had since the start of may. These people may be going on my blacklist soon! 

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