Thursday, 16 May 2013

15mm Thursday

So other than wishing that I could replace my gardens grass with static grass (or get a few tons of gravel) I spent the day getting the gun crews and passengers to pre army painter quickshade standard.

So, first up taking the Jocks that had the basic uniform colour and the Russian Uniform helmets. Then adding German Camouflage Beige (Vallejo 821) on the puttees (the bit between the trousers and the boots). 

I also used this colour to do the belt straps and the webbing (pouches, backpacks, etc) on those models that had them.

Last picture there is a little blurry, but it shows the detail on the back of the officer figures. I don't actually need to paint the two officers, as I only need one. And one radio operator and spare infantryman. But I figured I would just paint the other command team up and base them - I'm sure they will find a use at some point.

After that came the black. This was mainly for the standard Jocks boots (the officers books are brown...). Also the binoculars the various models have.

The next wee bit is the bit I always thing is really odd. You go from the above, that looks like a little brown... thing. To this:

The flesh colour is from Miniature Paints and is Tanned Flesh. I mentioned previously that painting the faces is something I do need to work on (just not this time). Once the flesh has been painted they suddenly go from being little lumps brown to actual people.

Following that comes the metallics (guns and shell casings).

For the shells I went for the nose cone just plain black and the shell is Vallejo Brass (801), Things like the Sten sub machine guns and rifle muzzles get Vallejo Gunmetal Grey (863).

I also used Vallejo Khaki (988) to do the material on the helmets.

One final shot to show the passengers for the Defrocked Priests. These were odd to do as they are all joined together.

So that's it, I'm up to date with all the crew and passengers. Next step is to apply the Dark Tone Army Painter Quickshade. The quickshade covers up a multitude of sins and applies shading - then its just a highlight or two, Matt Varnish and basing....

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