Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Guns!

I spoke a bit in my previous blog (Tiger Terror) about my current anti tank guns, and the new 17 pdr kits I had got. Just some details on the process so far and pics of my 6 pdr battery.

I've had issues getting the lighting right on my pictures of late, so these are with a filter on them.

Anyway, todays work so far.

I was a bit miffed that the command teams in both packs were identical. I know that the gun crews are going to be the same, but not sure why they couldn't alternate 1 or 2 figures. I'm really not sure why they felt a grenade priming soldier was a good choice for an anti tank gun battery.

The guns themselves look pretty straight forward to assemble. One thing I will do before I do that is drill out the barrels and the muzzle breaks - I didn't do this with my 25 or 6 pdrs and I wish I had.

Just one last pic, this of my cleaning bowl - I wanted just to show why you should take the time to wash your miniatures before you assemble them. I cleaned both packs in this water, and it is definitely dirty!

One last thing - does anyone know how to get rid of the transparent area around decals to go away? I've used decal fix and the mini's have been matte varnished but they do still seem to show up, especially in pictures.


  1. I brush paint flat varnish over my decals and it does the job pretty well - the brand I use is 4636/Flat Clear Acryl by Model Master.

    Hope that helps. :)

  2. Thanks Dai. I've also seen advised to use a scalpel to get less of the paper around the image in, and to use a gloss varnish on the surface before the decal. Paint under the decal causes air pockets to form which causes that shiny efferct.


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