Monday, 13 May 2013

The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd 15mm WW2 Allied M5 Halftrack

Making hay while the sun shines! Or I have my keen on for this whole blogging malarky!

Before I saw these at the weekend, I hadn't seen any reviews or pictures of this new plastic kit. Given that I know many people will be interested in it (see my previous blog about how much money it saved me on one unit) I thought I would post up some pics.

A proper review and comparison pics will follow when I get them built.

So, the Plastic Soldier Company states '5 x 15mm M5 Halftracks with options to build either M5 or M5A1 versions with 8 British/Commonwealth crew figures per vehicle and extra stowage' is whats included in the box.

My first impression had been a bit of concern - I hadn't realised the difference between the M5 and the M5A1 was the way the machine gun was mounted. The image on the back of the box is of the M5, while the front image is the M5A1. The instructions do make this clear.

I've not see these in British service mounting the rear .30cal machine gun and the Anti-Tank Platoon, Royal Artillery unit in the Scots Division .pdf don't give an option for the .50cal to be mounted. So these will be spares for the spares god, and will probably end up gracing my carrier platoons when I get them. I think I prefer the look of the M5A1 so will be building them with that cupola, just without the gun.

The sprues themselves are nice and clean looking. I've taken one all in one shot and two close ups.

My initial thoughts from looking at the actual plastic is that the crew figures are nowhere near as chunky as the Battlefront crew miniatures. The second thing I spotted are that the driver figure is actually built into the model - something that makes the prospect of painting interesting. I'm unsure how I'm going to deal with that, perhaps leaving the front of the model off and base coating the rest, doing the two driving crew before assembling and painting the vehicle. The rest of the crew will be mounted on lolly sticks and painted separately as usual.

So there you go, some pics, some blather and some idea of what you will find in the box!

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