Sunday, 17 September 2017

State of the collection 2017 - Part 2 - British/Polish Artillery

Hi folks,

Moving swiftly on from my previous post, I'm now showcasing my artillery collection.

Take a deep breath - mistakes were made!

Now, before you judge me, bear in mind that a) I'm not done yet, dammit! and b) the Royal Artillery was one of the largest combat arms in Normandy, with more men serving in RA units than in infantry units...

Regular readers will be aware of the episode now known as '25 Pdr gate'... this is the horrific results!

On a more serious note, I've had this line running through my head this morning. I first read it in George Blackburns 'The Guns of War'.

"Ubique means the warnin' grunt the perished linesman knows,
When o'er 'is strung an' sufferin' front the shrapnel sprays 'is foes,
An' as their firin' dies away the 'usky whisper runs
From lips that 'aven't drunk all day: 'The Guns! Thank Gawd, the Guns!'"

Half a regiment of 25 Pdrs - 128th (Highland) Field Regiment, 51st Highland Division

1st Polish Mechanised Artillery Regiment, 1st Polish Armoured Division (Sextons) and 61st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery (17 Pdrs). With a signals unit from 51st Highland Division, and a spotter Auster!

17 Pdrs deployed and limbered

79th (The Scottish Horse) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery - 4AGRA. 

40th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 51st Highland Division


  1. brilliant stuff James.. we so need a very big table laid out!

    1. Thanks Dave - I'm sure if anyone can find a table big enough it's you!

  2. 5.5s are my favs of this bunch. After seeing on at Duxford i fell in love with how they look.

    1. They are beasts, aren't they! I'm surprised BF didn't go for the 4.5's, which look very similar but are a bit smaller...

  3. As a former field gunner I heartily applaud this collection!

    1. Glad you approve Paul! Half a regiment of 25 Pdrs on the table should make any gunner smile!


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