Saturday 23 November 2019

For Joshua - First finished units

Hi folks,

Over the course of this week I've worked on my first few skelly units for the baddies. These are very much the prototype units for the project.

Just as a recap for those new to the blog, these models are for a charity project I am undertaking in order to raise funds for two local organisations who helped my family recently following the loss of our son Joshua at 34 weeks. More information can be found here and here, or on my youtube video on the subject.

For basing, I went for as simple an option as possible. A little checking about online and in the Pendraken 'Warband' rule book, and I decided to go for some mixed courseness sand and a few patches of 'summer' grass.

The 100mm by 50mm bases had some blotz dice holders added at the rear corners (just in case, we are planning on using various rules so I thought the holders might be useful). I painted the whole base my usual basing colour (Vallejo Flat Earth), put the models on the bases and then added the sand via PVA. The idea was that the sand would prevent a need for the bases being painted.

I then added 'random' patches of 'Summer' 2mm static grass. Nice and quick (relatively) and easily repeatable. Lessons learnt include that the larger stones tend to come out first when pouring sand, so aim away until this calms down.

The vast majority of these models are from Pendraken, with a single Magister Militum 10mm figure leading one of the regiments. As previously mentioned, I deliberately concentrated on having two units of melee skellies and one of spears, using the Army Pack. Melee units were bulked out by the leftover spearmen (with spearheads snipped off) as well as some of the catapult crews.

Flags were added via simple conversions of spear holding skellies using paperclip wire. The patterns painted on the flags roughly match those of the units shields. I used just regular paper for the flags, painted.

On the painting table, I am preparing the first of the knights along with some 15mm sci-fi models I plan to add in when I need a change of pace. I've also registered for this years AHPC challenge, in an effort to keep up my focus over the winter.

I'm thinking that units of knights might be slower going, as I am unsure as to how uniform to make them, but time will tell.


  1. Nice work James, they are very well organised and disciplined skeletons !

    1. Thanks Matt - I figured they are very tightly controlled.

  2. Those units look very good James, your usual high standard of painting and basing. Please bear with me, soon as I'm settled back in the Uk I'm going to get started on my contribution.

    1. No hurry Lee - probably not looking to put anything on properly till at least March.

  3. Looking good. I've just the varnish to do on the batch I'm sending you.

    Well... I think I might be adding a few more units first.

  4. They look excellent James! Suitably gritty I‘d say.


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