Saturday 30 November 2019

For Joshua - First knights and a Dragon

Hi folks,

A little more progress this week. I'm currently still enjoying the ease of painting the 10mm stuff and the fact I can be a little less strict with myself. These are also the first models I've done where the basing is not as much effort as painting the models. Both sets are from Magister Militums 10mm range.

First up, some knights. But not just any knights. These are the 'Queensguard', a unit of specially selected female knights who have been tasked by the queen to look after the king. To help with this task, they have been mounted on Megacerops (a cross between a horse like creature and a Rhino). The idea being that if the king needs help, nothing will stop these gals.

Their colours include purple (picked by Amy) while their shields have the kings colours and a stripe of purple.

In opposition, we have a big bad for my Bad guys. Specifically some wizard like figure on a bone dragon. This may end up being the leader of the evil army!

This guy was big enough to warrant a 50mm base. So far, the only flying unit in the undead armies.

So more knights in the painting queue. Also, a load of 15mm sci fi which I plan to give a similar quick paint job.

Off tomorrow to the Stockton-on-Tees wargame show (Battleground), which should be a decent few hours and some shopping.


  1. LoOk ing fab, see you in a couple of hours

  2. Beautiful minis, and this dragon is truly impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil - I am impressed with the 10mm scale models. I think that should I do any other historical projects in the future, I would go with 10's.


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