Sunday, 17 November 2019

For Joshua - Some progress

Hi folks,

I've been working hard to get past my usual indecision inaction when it comes to painting new models and started to progress the first of the undead units for my 10mm fantasy project.

These are 10mm Pendraken skellies, from the undead army pack they donated to the cause. I had initially primed these figures grey, before giving them a coat of Vallejo Ivory (from a bottle so old the number has been worn off). Each unit is 28 figures strong (4 ranks of 7 models each).

I then blocked in the other colours. Shields in black with some red unit markings, weapons a mix of Hull Red and metallic (steel), clubs and spears Mahogany Brown.

What I did do with the army pack was break up the warrior skellies into three units. One with spears and two with hand weapons. The spearmen I used a bit of brute strength and ignorance one - pushing the upright spears closer to bodies in order to make them more upright. I also took three spearmen and turned them into standard bearers by chopping off the spear tip, drilling and adding in a length of paperclip. The paperclip section will be hidden when I later add simple black flags.

For the 2nd hand weapon unit, I was running out of figures, so some leftover spearmen were used with the spear tips chopped off (to make mauls or clubs). I had to also add in some of the catapault crewmen and another figure from my human models (painted to look like a revenant or some sort of armour wearing ghoul) as a unit leader. A couple of figures lost arms and the likes while I was messing with poses - I just stuck them in. Possibly the bodies were missing those bones when they were dug up...

Units were arranged on their bases in ranks, and then each rank transferred to a stick for painting.

Once all the details were blocked in, a transformative 'soft tone' wash (armypainter) was added.

Models on the left are post wash, on right are pre-wash
The wash over the basic white gave a really nice effect. In fact, I'm not sure I'm going to do much more to these figures in the way of highlights.

The figures look a lot brighter on camera than they do 'in the flesh'. This is the revenant led unit.

I also got the characters from the army pack painted, which will form one 50mm round with the evil rock and summoners, and a 25mm round with a skellie hero, standard bearer and drummer. Another 50mm by 100mm base will have the two catapults.

I've another army pack on order (along with some chariots and ballista), which should allow me to get a full unit of archers, with the crossbow armed skellies going to form some skirmish bases. More skellie archers may be required, but the baddies will no doubt be getting other ranged support from elsewhere (I hope!). The current plan is archers will be in two ranks rather than 4.

I just need to sort basing out for these painted guys, do some standards and think about how I'm going to paint knights...

As ever, thanks for all the messages of support and offers of help. The more the merrier, so if anyone fancies contributing a unit to the charity project, please drop me a line (!


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