Sunday 15 December 2019

For Joshua: Second knight unit complete

Hi folks,

The last couple of weeks I have been prepping for the upcoming AHPC challenge, but have also been attempting to push ahead with my 10mm fantasy project as well.

On that note, a big shout out goes to john over at Studio Gaarew who has kindly responded to the project and is in the process of painting up some units which will be very gratefully received. You can catch his progress (and give his blog a follow) over here.

Onto the knights - I generally find painting new things daunting - especially when I have no pattern or guide to follow. This tends to lead to me procrastinating or being so indecisive that I just avoid painting. So doing the knights was a challenge, but I decided just to wade in and get them done. I've found when in doubt that knowing what my spot colours will be (in this case, green and red) and that the rest falls into place once I get going.

The main reference/idea for these units is heavily influenced by the old Warhammer Bretonnians.

This unit consisted of 12 knights, all from Magister Militum. The unit includes a champion and standard bearer which came from one of the command packs.

The banner is a 10mm Scottish banner (important for this to have a Scottish connection) although I did add additional green to the standard. Red and green are linking colours, which I will be trying to incorporate into all the human units I paint.

Along with the banner for this unit, I also added the banner to the Super Heavy Cavalry unit I had previously painted:

Next up will probably be a lord for the humans - in the form of a knight on a large flying beastie. I also have a load of pegasus knights to assemble as well as some mounted yeomen and some foot archers to figure out.

Progress is, however, being made!


  1. Looking great, mine are 1st in the queue for the challenge

  2. Beautiful knight units, great job!

  3. These look great Jamie!

    Hoping to get started on my undead for your project after the holidays.

  4. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  5. Very nice unit James, very colourful. Could you do me a small favour and point me in the direction of some unit types you would like me to paint for this project please? I like the idea of doing some 'orc' type units but my knowledge of fantasy is very limited! Skeletons also appeal to me as do human 'bow' and 'bill' type units but I'm not sure what is appropriate. You can drop me an email or message via FB maybe? Cheers.

    1. I'll drop you a line on Facebook Lee. Skellies are welcome, as are human infantry - anything would be appropriate so long as it doesn't have modern firearms!


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