Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Finished: 15mm Skytrex Sherman ARV

Hi folks,

This is another lead mountain lurker that made it's way to the front of the queue as I tried to finish off my Polish 24th Lancers squadron. I've still the Stuarts to do, but they will be up next I think. 

I picked this up from Skytrex a while back (years ago) and it's a decent enough model. Reasonably detailed and not fiddly to put together. As I was painting other Shermans at the time, I got it knocked out fairly quickly. Pretty redundant in game terms now, but a cool model and part of the historic OOB. 


  1. Shame there’s no room for these in the game any longer. One of the reasons I quit FoW.
    Still, am sure a little beauty like this has a place in other games rules?

    1. I don't mind Dai, partially because the rule changes make finding a use for them hard (bogged tanks auto unbog next turn), partly because you never saw them on the table in v3 anyway. I just like to have the full squadron, with the add ons.


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