Saturday, 7 May 2022

Finished: 15mm Dutch YPR-765 platoon

Hi folks.

Changing things up a bit from my 15mm WWII stuff, I decided to try some 15mm WWIII stuff instead. 

My gaming buddy Dave D had picked up some 15mm 'moderns', and despite years of very determinedly steering clear of 15mm Team Yankee, I was easily dragged in. I decided to go with a Dutch force - although our plan is to also use our firgures to play Seven Days to the Rhine and 'Centag' (Battlegroup's rule set) when it is released. All these systems use similar basing for infantry and are 1:1 scale. 

Part of the reasoning was also that we have a lot of 15mm scenery between us which would convert nicely over to a more modern setting - with a few additions. 

To kick things off, I thought I'd make a start on a mechanised infantry platoon and it's transports. The infantry are started but still on the paint desk, while the vehicles were an easier job:

With these 15mm Battlefrong resin and metal minis I wanted to try a different painting style, just to expand my abilities a little. This was 'kind of' a success, but I failed to achied what I was aiming for. 

My plan had been to use an Olive Drab modulation set (from AK) and a stipple/drybrush technique using Artis Opus Series D brushes to get a more modulated effect without having to use an airbrush. Unfortunately, I need more practice and/or the technique is harder to use on models smaller than 28mm. 

What I ended up with was a stippling application that was pretty fast, along with a much more focused drybrush to hit high points. I actually found I didn't need to use a wash, building up from a black basecoat. I had the basics done in one evening. Unfortunately I then tried a couple of things/colours that didn't work and saw me having to return to the 'Olive Drab' base green, before just sticking with that mixed with the highlight colour for edges, etc. 

Having said that, as much as time was lost due to my faffing and trying unsuccessfully to be more arty, these were a hell of a lot simpler to paint than the half-tracks!

Aerials were added in my usual style (although I went with black grey paint, rather than black). Two commanders have been added as one vehicle will be the company commanders transport. Decals have been added, and with the Dutch using few tactical markings this was pretty straightforward. I then added a good amount of weathering dust to the tracks and lower hull, just to add some interest. I also painted the periscopes blue, and added colour to the lights as per some reference pics - just to give a bit more of a modern feel over my usually plain WW2 models. 

I've decided with my Team Yankee project I'm not going to go into the rabbit hole I normally do with my WW2 stuff. I'm accepting the fluff and setting from the Team Yankee faction books and just doing what I can to get a useable force painted. As such, I've not attributed these models to any particular unit. 

I have drilled out and magnetised the turrets, and have built the TOW launcher upgrades which came with these kits (which are also magnetised). My plan is to have those as a little extra option should I need them in the future. 

For basing, I avoided my usual flowers and just stuck to some green grass tufts for variety. I had planned to use a darker static grass, but was unhappy with how similar it was to the vehicles. I used Tan Earth (or US Field Drab???) for the base edges as well, so they are lighter than my usual WW2 bits. 

Having finished the unit, I was a little annoyed that I'd tried a different painting technique and paints, and ended up with my usual WW2 British paint scheme...


Thankfully, putting them side by side shows they are different (and demonstrates the different pictures you get with different lighting)!


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