Sunday, 5 March 2023

Finished: 15mm LAD diorama, Snipers and Radio Truck

Hi folks,

Another week, another catch up post on my own blog. After shifting some BFG models off the painting shelf, I moved on to some WW2 bits that had been hanging around there for far too long. Specifically, some 15mm Battlefront metal figures I was going to use to fill out my missing sniper teams, a radio track and some other 3d printed vehicles I'd picked up with some vague idea about doing another little diorama esq large base. 

With a little work, I got everything done and cleared. The LAD base was done, which also served as my last entry for the AHPC13 Studio Challenge. 

The LAD set uses a 3d printed 'Gantry Lorry' and an Austin Tilly van, as well as a spare CDSW truck that was languishing with some damage in my bits box. The 3d printed models came from Battlefield3d

I also used three Battlefront British infantry figures to represent men working around an axle and manning the Gantry Lorry. As the setup looked a little bare, I also added some scatter - in the form of supplies, tyres, barrels, crates and a make shift workbench with tools and a toolkit. I also added some stowage to the vehicle being repaired. 

The LAD vehicles are marked up with decals for 154 Brigade Workshop, 51st Highland Division. The Morris CDSW is marked up as belonging to 40th Royal Artillery Light AA Regiment (another 51st Highland Division unit). 

The REME decals came from Skytrex - although the resolution is such that I couldn't make out the number on them. I also used Skytrex decals for my Highland Division markings, as my Doms Decals sheet has finally given up the ghost. The AA unit decal was a Doms Decal offering, as were some of the bridging weights. Vehicle registration numbers are a mix of Doms and I-94. Allied stars are a mix of Battlefront and Doms Decals. 

All three vehicles have unit markings front and back, registration numbers and recognition stars. 

I'm afraid I did make a conscious artistic decision not to paint the 'mikey mouse' type black camo that these vehicles might have had - both for sanity and aesthetic reasons. My usual over highlighting is done using Mig Dio Paint - Medium Green. 

I used a similar paint and decal scheme for the radio truck, a Fordson WOT2D. This model has been marked up as a signals truck from 51st HD signals regiment, again using a mix of decals. No specific plans for this model, I just liked the idea of having some radio trucks!

And then a few sniper teams to give each of my infantry companies three bases - not that they are used in v4. 

When I last had the opportunity to parade my four infantry companies, I realised I was missing some sniper teams (an option from 3rd Ed of Flames of War). I was aware that the infantry battalions of 51st Highland Division had a sniper/scout platoon as part of the Support Company. These bases now give me enough to have three sniper teams per company, or a platoon of 13 bases plus an HQ. 


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