Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Finished: 15mm Team Yankee Dutch YPR-765s

Hi folks,

Another belated update on the progress of my 15mm Team Yankee Dutch project. 

There is a larger discussion here about painting progress, timing and batch sizes. I like to keep things rolling painting wise and generally expect to complete one platoon every two weeks. But currently I'm painting in larger batches (the last bunch being 10 models, or 3 different units), and this delay irks me and makes me feel like I'm not being productive. It certainly means I post less on blogger and other social media about my progress. 

Anyway, while I ponder my painting ambition and goals moving forward, here are another five Dutch YPR-765 vehicles. These are the standard IFVs for my armoured infantry. These are Battlefront metal and resin 15mm kits. 

I have managed to find enough spare M113 hatches to construct some of the .50cal armed turrets used on these vehicles as well. My hope is to have some more lightly armed options to represent reservist/2nd line troops. These alternative turrets are also magnetised and awaiting painting. 

Four of these vehicles will form one platoons transport, while the fifth will be a spare. 

As per my previous attempt at these, I enjoyed adding some of the more modern touches, such as the rear brake and indicator lights. Aerials are my usual fishing line solution. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Matt, can't go far wrong with Olive Drab!

  2. They look absolutely cracking, James. Really lovely work. I repeatedly struggle with batch painting, despite numerous attempts over the years. Even just working on 2-3 figures at the same time will eventually grind me down and I'll focus upon just one within a few hours. I don't mind basing or priming other figs whilst waiting for my main mini to dry, but anything else seems to take the fun away from painting in my mind. As you say, it also means I don't post as much - and I do like to stick to 2-3 posts a week when I can as the comments keep me motivated. Not sure if this helps, but they're my thoughts.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has these issues. I've decided going forward to try and work on smaller units just to maintain my own sense of pace. I can generally manage 4 or 5 vehicles or a platoon of infantry at once, but much more and I start getting bogged down with my apparent lack of progress.


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