Sunday, 20 January 2019

Finished!: Limbered 6 Pdr Anti Tank Guns

Hi folks,

Last of this weeks trio - 6 limbered 6 Pdr anti tank guns. These will allow me to model the unit as moving, or deployed. Something I'm keen on when playing the big games (and I love the look of them being towed).

The Loyds Carriers are some of the first vehicles I painted for my Brits, which must have been about 2013. They could do with a bit of highlighting and having the basing looked at!

The guns are from Skytrex, and I specifically requested them all to be the limbered version, something they were happy to help with. I had requested 17 Pdrs from them the same way a year or two ago.

So one more idea ticked off the list!

Stupidly, I also started doing a 'quick' update to the 6 Pdr battery I have. Again, these were pretty early models for me, so were very dark. I started a programme of updating them all, thinking it wouldn't take long. Suffice to say I was wrong! And these guns will be needed for this weekend, so they will be a priority. You can see how some of the update work effects them:

Updated two on the right, originals on the left. 

The old basing is looking pretty tired, and while the guns were painted to look more realistic, the distance shot above shows just how dark they look compared to most of the rest of my collection now. A wise man once told me not to re-paint minis, just to sell the old ones and buy new ones. There may be some sense in that - but this is an expensive unit to buy!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Finished!: 15mm Morris Commercial CDSW Light Breakdown Truck (conversion)

Hi Folks,

Another AHPC entry for this week. This time a quick conversion I launched into having had a spare Morris Bofors Tractor (BR279) from Battlefront. I discovered that there was a 'wrecker' truck version of this vehicle and that this type of equipment would have been used by the Light Aid Detachments attached to individual Battalions in a Division. So the plan is to make myself a small unit to represent these chaps. Not much use in a standard game, but it's the type of thing we would find a use for in our big battles at the club.

Note, for those that saw this on the AHPC blog, I've finished a few details on this since I posted on Tuesday. Mainly the correct markings now for a REME unit, a little light weathering and the usual base gubbins I put on to make it look like it might be parked up against a hedge 'somewhere in Normandy'.

The conversion part included adding a paperclip wire frame for the cab roof along with a cut down 'stowage' tarp . I also reworked the rear of the vehicle, cutting off some of the boxes at the rear and building up the sides a little. I built the jib on the back out of plastic rod I had, and added a spare wheel and some jerry cans from the bits box (different size than the others, but it will do as a generic spare). I could have got a bit heavier with the stowage I think, but decided to keep it pretty simple - there is a covered area which is no doubt jam packed with the crew's 'stuff'.

For crew, I went with the driver that came with the kit and a spare passenger from the bits box. I specifically selected a passenger that was holding a rifle, as I wanted to highlight that while this was not a front line unit, the job was still dangerous!

This entry for the challenge got a lot of positive comments - it seems military recovery trucks are cool!

Finished!: 15mm LCT Crew

Hi folks,

For those of you who follow the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog, you'll probably have seen my post from Tuesday with this weeks entries. However, I wanted to share here this weeks finished work, to keep my 'Finished' list up to date for 2019!

These figures are 15mm Battlefront models, mainly artillery crew, AA crew and Artillery staff/command models.

Being unable to replicate the naval uniform fully at 15mm, I struck upon the idea of adding the 'anti-flash' hoods and gloves. Some trimming with a knife removed pouches, pockets and such, and some green stuff added the detail I wanted:

The officers had an attempt at shirt and tie done, where needed. The loaders were initially holding 40mm Bofors clips, but I trimmed these down then built up to a more square shape, to match the guns (converted .50 cals) on the LCT.

I then painted based on some Osprey images I found online:

Once painted, the figures were then glued on to the landing craft:

A pretty minor addition, but one I'm glad I took the time to do.

For reference, colours used were:

Anti Flash equipment: Vallejo Game Colour 'Wolf Grey'
Blue uniforms: Vallejo MC Dark Prussian Blue (899) with Prussian Blue (965) highlights
Helmets: Vallejo MC Luftwaffe Uniform WWII (816)
Officers Uniforms: Black, various yellows and whites. Main yellow used for detail was actually Vallejo MC 'Gold Brown (877).

I was graciously awarded a bonus point for each converted figure, so this little batch netted me 24 points rather than 16!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Finished!: 6mm Recon and 15mm LCA's

Hi folks,

I have fully intended to try and post more regularly this year, as I've found myself using my Facebook page for more 'work in progress' type posts. Still, I have managed to break my duck a bit with the AHPC, getting a themed round entry in the form of some hastily painted 6mm Modern Brits for Team Yankee, as well as this week getting 6 Battlefront 15mm LCA's done.

LCA's post (with some historic info) can be found there:

Basically, I've painted six craft which are numbered for craft used on Juno (the Canadian) beach.

15mm scratch built LCT with 15mm Battlefront LCA's

Pretty pleased with these - the ramp position came about as I wasn't sure whether to do them raised or lowered, and Garry stated I should do them half way, representing them lowering on the way in or on the beach. Great suggesting from Garry, which proves that even a stopped watch is right twice a day ;)

The 6mm figures were painted in a hurry, and are not my best work:

Currently I am working on a Gunuary project - six limbered 6 Pdr A/T guns, modelled to be towed behind my UC Carriers. I've also got a 'wrecker' truck converted by yours truly, which will form the basis of a small REME Light Aid Detachment - just need a jeep and a spare 3 tonne truck to complete this little unit (the jeep and truck might go on a diorama base similar to my Regiment Aid Post).

I've also been converting some 15mm AA and Artillery figures into Royal Navy crew for my large landing craft, green stuffing anti flash hoods and gloves onto them to hide the uniform's being wrong... More on those soon, as hopefully they won't take long to paint.

That't it for now!